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  1. My move from southern California to New Mexico was pure hell,thanks largely to the near impossibility of finding a home to rent (I could have had my pick of apartments,but I'm spoiled to living in a house).One house I fell in love with,but did not rent belonged to a woman who wanted to know about my religious beliefs.I had to be a Christian (I am),I couldn't smoke (I do),I couldn't drink (I do),I couldn't have "female" company that was not related to me,or my wife ( :blink: ,Yeah,right!),and I couldn't play certain types of music (basically all the kinds of music I love :wow: )...it was just so stupid,it was funny.

    I eventually found a nice little 1-bedoom,1-bath in a respectable neighborhood...though the rent is steeper than I like.

    I do feel that landlords are becoming a lot more discriminating.Their reasons?Well,I doubt the majority of them are purposely putting the thumbscrews to potential renters.Though I have met a few who seem to enjoy making unreasonable demands of their tenants,such as repeated walk-throughs of the property,etc.

    I once lived in a flat that allowed pets,provided the renter paid a $25 per pet,per month additional rent.

    When it all comes down to it,these homes are the owners' possessions and naturally they don't want them destroyed by careless tenants.Insurance is fine,but its always preferable to not have to repair your property in the first place.

    If we must blame someone,blame the horrible tenants who through their destructive actions have brought all of us to this state of affairs in the first place.

  2. Its always unfortunate to hear of a passing,especially when it occurs within one's own community.She was so young.

    I have no words,really.Just that I am sorry that we will not be able to enjoy her on screen anymore.She was a fine actress,and her character was appealing.

  3. One of my favorites is when,in the animated series,Spock mind touched with the creature devouring planets on "One of our planet's is missing".He and Kirk were able to convince the intelligent,but infantile being that populated worlds were not acceptable food,just in time before it ate a heavily populated Federation colony called Mantilles.

  4. In the animated series we saw two types of native Vulcan animal,the fierce Le'matya and the "teddy bear"-like Sehlat.I want to see them on Enterprise.I've read about them in the novels,saw them on the cartoon,and want very much to see them on Enterprise.How about you?

  5. Well,like I said earlier on this thread.I do not "not" believe,I merely want to see some proof.I want to experience some form of supernatural phenomenon in the worst way,but never have.

    A very good friend of mine,whom I left behind in California when I moved here to New Mexico,was a professional ghost hunter.What a great job!I wanted to go with him on a few assignments,but never had the time.Work kept getting in the way.Like me,he does not necessarily disbelieve,he just wants conclusive proof.He once told me that in the past thirty-years (his time hunting spooks),he has run across very few cases where he could not explain away supernatural causes or uncover outright hoaxes.However,there were some cases that have left him puzzled and unable to say some manner of ghostly activity was not at hand.

  6. I have a book written by a United States Navy veteran,detailing his two tours in Vietnam as the skipper of a riverine patrol craft.One of the funniest parts of that book concern a confrontation between his boat and a group of Vietcong firing at them from a riverbank.If I remember correctly,this man got on the loudspeaker and in his best impression of James Kirk,ordered the Vietcong to immediately cease fire and leave the area.He then very loudly ordered Mister Sulu to fire photon torpedos.He saud that after a moment of silence,during which the firing stopped :o ,he could hear a lot of excited talking in Vietnamese,followed by the sounds of men moving through the bush and then silence.the VC had gotten the hell out of there.

    Apparently,he said,the VC had watched Star Trek,which had by 1972,began airing in south vietnam on tv,and were convinced that Starfleet was a branch of the United States military.

  7. That's wonderful,Captain Smiley.

    My little sister is over there now,and I know the worry and anxiety you go through everyday knowing that a loved one is in that mess,risking life and limb.I'm especially worried now that I've heard about what happened to Jessica Lynch.

  8. I suppose Kravitz's Fly Away.I've actually heard that one...

    I prefer jazz,big band,and swing.I'm listening to Sammy Davis Jr right now..Now that's music! :o

    Kravitz is great,too.I think he's underated as a songwriter and a performer.He's a rare gem,nowadays,floating as he is in a sea of boy bands and bubblegum.

  9. I never want to see a Federation starship larger than the Galaxy-class (which is,let's face it,larger than the Sovereign...the Sovereign is merely a bit longer).

    Tyrannical star empires equate size with strength,which is why the Romulans and Klingons have such massive flagships,and over-powered military vessels.That's not what the Federation Starfleet is about.

    The Galaxy,Sovereign,Nebula,and Ambassador classes provide satisfactory protection from alien threats,while also providing platforms from which to conduct the Starfleet's first mission which is the peaceful exploration and scientific investigation of space.