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  1. Okay.Little league baseball and amateur softball have a "mercy" rule.I think the Vulcan Embassy needs a mercy post,since all the other embassy's have been visited often,but nobody seems to care about the Vulcans :angry:


    Now,to teach the Vulcans a tune from my childhood here on Earth:


    "Nobody likes me,everybody hates me,guess I'll eat some worms....."


  2. Lwaxana Troi.

    I saw no reason for her to be featured on as many episodes of TNG/DS9 as she was,since her character was never really further developed in these eisodes.She was an ambassador,but how often did we see her conducting diplomatic assignments?All we ever got with Lwaxana was a hyper-sexual middle-aged woman,constantly in search of her next sexual conquest/victim.Boring. :angry:

  3. I believe in ghosts.

    I usually won't get into conversations like this,since I don't like being laughed at or thought a fool,or told that I could not have experienced things that I clearly have by people who weren't present.But I have encountered ghosts before.

    Ghosts and "other" things.I have actually been physically assaulted by such once,when I was eleven years-old.Given a nasty shove.

  4. From what I've seen,the Ferengi are not very keen on military confrontation.They either surprise their opponents or covertly act against them from a distance.There have been very few instances of Ferengi directly challenging another species.

    The Ferengi Marauder is a powerful and fast starship,though.


  5. I would imagine the weapons systems are normally controlled from the armoury,in order to free the bridge personnel to perform their various tasks unhendered during a time of crisis.However,in certain circumstances,it is possible to control the weapons from auxiliary controls on the bridge.

  6. "Devil in the Dark",for me.Its one of those stories that sum up what Star Trek is all about.Exploring the unknown,meeting strange new beings,overcoming our differences,and peaceful coexistance.


  7. Well,not that the neck pinch wouldn't come in handy from time to time :klingon: ,but I would rather have the Vulcan ability to enter a deep meditative state for short periods of time,thus eliminating the need for hours of normal sleep.

  8. I don't really have a least favorite TOS episode.There's nothing about The Original Series I dislike,not even the much maligned 3rd season.But,if I have to pick an episode for this dubious distinction,I'll pick "Turnabout Intruder".

  9. Recently astronomers shocked the scientific community by calculating that there are approximately 70 sextillion stars in the known universe.This means that there are ten times as many stars in the universe (at least) as there are grains of sand on every beach and desert on our entire planet.

    70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.

    Now,if even a mere one-percent of these stars had planets,and one-percent of those stars with planets contained a world where life developed,and again,if of those "living" worlds,a single-percent harbored intelligent life....that's still untold tens of thousands of civilizations like our own.Boggles the mind. :klingon:

    Just thought I'd share this bit of information.I only just read about it today myself,and was fascinated by it all.

  10. Its a shame the way our government allows the pharmiceutical companies to rob us,the way they do.I had older relatives that used to drive down to Mexico a couple of times a year and load up on their precriptions for a fraction of the cost they would have to pay here at home.Then the government,on behalf of the pharmiceutical companies outlawed that,and my relatives had to pay simply outrageous ammounts for their medications until the days they died.It was very sad.

  11. Replacing Denise Crosby on the show,never really mattered to me.Natasha Yar was not a major character,as far as I was concerned.I was far more interested by Picard and Data (whose name I pronounce like that-a,instead of theta...that really annoys my Trekkie friends).

    And,besides,the removal of Yar made room for Worf to develop and grow into the great character he eventually became.

  12. I was,and still am a Spock fan.One of the first Star Trek novels I read,"Spock Must Die!",featured the character.And I was into the Star Trek novels before I noticed the reruns of the TOS series on tv,or had heard about Star Trek The Motion Picture.

    I enjoyed Spock's duality.His continual struggle to find his place,amongst humanity and,"vulcanity"? :laugh:

    Well,anyway,I pick Spock.


  13. When I was in high school,I was smitten with a girl in my class (we were both sophomores),but she already had a boyfriend.A fellow who mistreated her,verbally assaulted her,and allowed his friends to do the same (like a pack of loyal dogs,his friends seemed to always flank him wherever he roamed).I just couldn't understand why she would put up with that sort of abuse,when I would have done anything for her.

    Another girl,a close friend of mine,told me that some women just like that sort of a guy (I can't bring myself to call that type a "man").For some women,they think they can redeem the guy.Others are attracted to the tough-guy persona.Still others,and this is sad,actually like the abuse.

    I'm not sure what Marla McGivers saw in Khan.Certainly he was a handsome fellow,and being a 21st-century man he would have appealed to her historians mind.Khan had a magnetic personality,as well.Perhaps McGivers was hooked by all these things?Perhaps something else entirely.We'll never know.

  14. The TOS era was far from an era of peace and enlightenment.We (by 'we' I mean the Federation :klingon: )had problems with the Gorn,Klingon privateer raids,the Orions,the Planet Killer,and many,many other threats.Of course,we only hear of many of these in the novels,which are not sanctioned as "official",but I think they provide a fairly accurate picture,for the most part,of the types of difficulties the Federation faced in the perod between Captain Pike's missions and the launch of the Enterprise-B on Star Trek Generations.

    Still,the TOS era was certainly a romantic age to live in.Which is why I am torn,between voting for TOS and the era of Enterprise.I love them both,for many of the same reasons.Chiefmost being,that the universe was a smaller,less well known place then.A starship and her crew were constantly encountering strange new situations and had nothing more to go on when dealing with those situations than their wits and intuition.

    Ultimately,I'll chose Enterprise.I love the series.I love the uniforms,the NX-class ship,and the characters...who seem more like myself,than the characters of any other series.I can relate to Trip,and Reed,and Archer.

  15. Wow.Incredible.I loved the trailer.Its amazing what a group of people can accomplish when they put their minds to it.I wish you and your castmates all the best on this project,Jorel.I'll look forward to what's to come.q'apla! :klingon: