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  1. Okay,I found this site tonight (just minutes before logging on here,in fact).To my casual glance,the site (which requires Adobe Acrobat 5.0) appears to be just fantastic,as it covers many of Star Trek's innumerable alien races in great detail,and even includes odd little bits of trivia about many species,such as the popular Andorians of Enterprise,and TOS.




    click here

  2. Name one science fiction show in the last 40-years that Can't be conected to some other sci-fi or fantasy before it,and I'll eat my hat,redshirt volunteer.

    Its all very perspective,when it comes to saying this show or that book is a rip-off of some other thing.You see connections between "Dawn" and another,earlier show or shows.I don't.

    In my opinion,Enterprise is not now,nor ever has "ripped off" a storyline from another show or movie or book or song or whatever else there is.

    As has been said already on this topic,simply because some shows have an air of familiarity about them does not in itself mean that the story is copying anything.

  3. German.

    My grandfather is German and can't speak english,so I took 3 years of German language classes in high school in order to be able to write letters to him.He lives in Duisburg.I once visited him there.Beautiful country.

  4. Having Borg Cubes and Spheres of various sizes makes some sense.Personally,I would like to see a wider variety of Borg vessel shapes.There is a drawing of an Borg Obelisk in the Generations/First Contact film and art book I bought a couple of years ago,that looks interesting.

  5. I haven't watched professional wrestling in years.Right around the time the New World Order was cementing its hold over WCW I walked away from the sport.The N.W.O. just destroyed everything I loved about wrestling,trashed tradition and history without remorse,and made the championships worthless with their constantly being defeated fairly by challengers and then simply handed the belts back on Eric Bischoff's authority as WCW head honcho.Likewise,Vince McMahon ruined my enjoyment of the WWF/WWE.The World Wrestling Federation was really fresh and exciting for a while towards the late 90's.The Austin-Vince feud was great.Shane McMahon seemed to really be coming along as a great wrestling personality,and then Stephanie shows up,more and more sexually explicit angles are written into the storylines,and everything just goes to pot.

    I would still like to watch wrestling,but can't.The WWE isn't to my liking,and without cable there is nothing else to watch.Every once in a while I'll tune into a show,hoping against hope that it will have improved.but usually,within the first half-hour I hear and or see something to make me flip channels and sigh in disgust.

    Who knows?Maybe one of these days,wrestling will get back to basics.

  6. What's the point of carrying on the argument against fan produced films?Obviously an overwhelming majority of us do not have a problem with it,and several of us have posted good arguments against the naysayers position that law suits will be forthcoming.Yet,certain people,or a certain person,just keeps rattling the lawsuit saber.I don't want to be mean,but...and you know who you are....Nobody Cares!We like the fan films!We want more.There will be more!End of discussion! :angry:

  7. I didn't much care the Voyager's Borg Queen,but the "First Contact" Queen,as played by Alice Krige was incredible.I can understand why Data was fascinated by her.She had an odd attractive quality that made you forget about everything she represented. :borgqueen: