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  1. I reeeaally liked Nemesis even though I am a Data fan.The story is awsome and so was every thing else.I have to admit I did want to cry at the end,especialy when they all made the toast to ½apsent friends.To family½That really got to me :grin:;) :lol:

  2. Hey there Data lovers!

    You probably don´t know me,but i´m a huge Data fan!

    I wanted to ask any who are willing to answer:What is your funiest Data moment?

    Saddest Data moment and best Data episode?My funniest Data moment was in "Liasons" when Worf said that the guy he was going to bring more food was "demanding,rude and quiet" and Data said:"You share all those qualities in abundance.Why do you not try and build on your similatities?" :klingon::laugh:

    The saddest moment was the end of "Offspring",and the Best episode was Inhearitence!


    Note: just fixed some codes for you.