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  1. I cannot say I was not suprised when I found out,but I got over it.

    He isnt my favorite character on DS9 but I have to say this discovery brought him pretty close since I allways like characters that are different from everyone else like Data,Odo and now Julian.

  2. What are your favorite Odo quotes (or those of other characters about Odo)?

    Here are some of my all time favorites:


    Odo:"Who the hell are you?"

    (First words to Sisko)


    "Stopping to see if I've run away?" *snort* "I couldn't get that lucky."

    -- Quark & Odo (The Vortex)



    "What kind of fool are you?"

    "My own special variety."

    -- Ty Kajada & Odo in (The Passenger)




    "Oh, is that Starfleet policy?"

    "Yes." Lt. Primmin

    "Well, I'm not in Starfleet!"

    -- Odo (Move Along Home)



    "Ladies and Gentlemen -- and all androgynous creatures -- your attention please! I'm going to have to ask you all to please refrain from using your imaginations!"

    -- Odo (If Wishes Were Horses)




    "I don't handle 'delicacy' very well."

    -- Odo in (The Forsaken)



    "I don't eat! This is not a real mouth, it is an approximation of one. I don't have an esophagus or a stomach or a digestive system. I am not like you! Every sixteen hours, I turn into a liquid." (pause) [shrugging] "I can swim."

    -- Odo & Lwaxana (The Forsaken)



    "Let's try again. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, clear your mind of everything in it...if there's anything there."

    -- Odo to Rom (Necessary Evil)



    "I'd bring those guards back if I were you, I'm not in a very good mood."

    -- Odo (The Die Is Cast)




    Can you guys remind me of any other good ones?[/size][/b] ;);)

  3. I have scheduled a chat for New Years at 9:00pm ET.I know tha u guys are probably going to visit your families or go to parties but if someone isnt doing anything here is something to do See ya there!! :dude::dude: