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  1. Hey there, is everything okay?

  2. Hey, I saw your message, did you leave? How come? I hope I hear from you eventually :( :(

  3. Hey, thanks for remembering my birthday! How are you?

  4. Hey, you should come to the board here. I just posted some new modeling pics

  5. I'm doing pretty good, thanks. How are you? I was just thinking about you today :S

  6. Lol no not much time for modeling these days with college. But you always say nice stuff that encourages me, thank you. :D

  7. Nah, U was having a hard time getting to the site earlier

  8. No, I didn't get a pm from you since the 12th. But I'd like to know what you had to say. Write me back when you can :D

  9. Second comment! lol and I gave you a star too

  10. Thanks, that was sweet of you! So do you come here often or just when you have time? lol

  11. well just starting some summer college classes but other than that not much. What's new with you handsome? hehe