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  1. I voted Janeway and Seven, but it was a tough choice. Voyager has much stronger female characters than we've seen in some other Treks. Having the Wildmans as choices seems pretty random to me I must say. You might as well have said the Delani sisters.

  2. I'm copy-editing a babyname book, and the name "Omarion" is listed as being possible from the nebula featured in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You have to be kidding, says I.


    I wondered if any of you guys know the actual origin of the word. Is it a variation of the name Omar, for example?



  3. I thought the point of Pike lamenting his role as Captain in the Cage was so that we could see that he needed a vacation and was in the perfect position to succumb to all these fantasy women and scenarios. Maybe he would have been more happy as the series went on.


    Also Kirk often whines about how he feels responsible for everything that goes on because he is the Captain. In the Apple, he was saying that it was his fault the Enterprise would be destroyed because he didn't see warning signs. And in Metamorphisis, he said "I'm the captain, that makes it my fault" when their shuttle is forceably marrooned on a planet.


    That being said, there's really only one Kirk. I liked the Cage, and Pike, but Kirk's better.

  4. I TOTALLY agree with you.


    I fell in love with star trek when I was a kid watching TNG. Though I did watch DS9 and VOY all the way through, they were never Next Gen enough for me. Then came Enterprise. From the very first season I felt this series had the great characters, the potential to be as good as TNG. And it's just gotten better and better. I love the show. I love it. I'd say it's tied for being my favourite series.


    I have a few theories on why trek fans seem to be down on Enterprise:

    1) They can't get past the non-instrumental themesong. "Faith of the Heart" was an interesting and risky choice. I admit, I was weary of it at first. But it grew on me and now I like it.

    2) They assume (incorrectly) that a prequel will be full of stuff that contradicts other series. Bull Funky I tell you. Enterprise has no more contradictions than any other series. In fact, they're now making an effort to explain contadictions between other series (ie: ridges vs no ridges).

    3) They dislike the ridiculous decontamination process in which crewmembers must rub each other with lotion while in their underwear. No argument here. But anyone who says that some of Star Trek isn't just sexual eye candy has never seen 7 of 9, Troi's Farpoint cheerleading outfit, any TOS episode where Kirk gets the girl. Besides, when was the last time they used the thing? Probably the last time you watched, 3 years ago.

    4) They think that the sets should be less futuristic looking than TOS. Yes, we should definitely make a retro 1860s bridge. NOT. Come on people! The stuff we have now is more futuristic looking than TOS stuff. I feel like the Enterprise provides a nice segway between the technology of today and the technology of TOS. Or we could have the characters use 8-track tapes and do their hair in beehives.

  5. Maybe. Are we talking about

    Click For Spoiler
    How Reed seems to be a member? That dude seems section 31ish.
    . Someone else mentioned that section 31 is part of the federation charter (And would therefore not exist) but couldn't it have existed before it was made "official". OR maybe all the original 31ers, started out as some other secret organization. As long as it's done well, after about three seconds I got sick of
    Click For Spoiler
    I wish I could tell my captain. Captain, I can't tell you anything, please don't put me in the brig. Please let me out of the brig. I'm so torn between my loyalties. Boo hoo.

  6. I couldn't watch it at the time it was on so I got my fiancé to tape it and watched it just now. What a great episode. It sucks that they have to go and cancel the show just when it's starting to get really good.


    (You do realize that this poll will be slightly biased being that it is conducted in a forum devoted to saving Enterprise)

  7. Which series do you like the best? TNG


    Which movie? Voyage Home


    Have you seen all the episodes of any of the series? I've seen all the ENT, TNG, VOY and DS9. I might be missing some of the TOS but I'm not sure


    When and how did you discover Trek? I've been watching Star Trek since TNG first aired. I was 8.


    Have you ever been to a convention? Yup, two. One when I was in high school and one this past summer at the Toronto Covention Centre


    Have you seen any of the actors up close (not just close to the TV)? I met Grace Lee Whitney(I actually talked to her, she's so nice), Micheal Dorn, Tim Russ and Majel Barrett @ the first con I mentioned. I met Micheal Dorn (again), Levar Burton, Anthony Mongomery, George Takai, at the one this summer. I got my pic taken with Micheal Dorn and Anthony Mongomery.


    Do you own a starfleet uniform? No, alas.


    Have you ever dressed up as an alien? No,but I own a pair of vulcan ears.

  8. This episode wasn't very good.

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    So this guy Quinn has been wandering around the cosmos as ball of energy for 15 years?
    Sounds like a TOS plot to me.


    I enjoy the fact that the Enterprise transporter is in the middle of the hallway and not in its own seperate room. Every hall should have one. Pop machine, candy machine, transporter. :laugh:

  9. Hey guys


    I wonder if any of you has any inside info on what is written on the Chateau Picard labels in Nemesis. I know it says Chateaus Picard and then somewhere bellow it has Labarre, from a movie still. But I can't get a shot of the fine print. Does anyone know? I want to recreate the labels for my wedding. :yahoo:




  10. Click For Spoiler
    It's good to know that the Vulcans never change their test questions. It probably makes the enlightenment exam a lot easier to study for.


    I wasn't keen on the episode. It has lots of great stuff but I it was a bit slow and

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    it fell back on the old ENT trick of stretching out every minute into two so they can end on a cliffhanger.


    Click For Spoiler
    I want a GIANT VULCAN GOPHER for a pet

  11. His parents could have grown up in Panama city and Trip was born there and went to kindie garten. Then they moved to the everglades where he and his sister and any othe siblings he had went to high school. His parents went back to panama city for their retirement. Then (for whatever reason) decided they wanted to move to mississipi.


    This still doesn't explain

    Click For Spoiler
    why Trip didn't know where on Earth to go since his sister was dead and his home town was gone. SO he went home with T'pol to Vulcan for the wedding


    He could have visited his mom and dad in Panama city (or mississipi). Or his other siblings.



    Another explanation is that all the time-traveling that's been going on has changed history so Trip doesn't have as many siblings as before and grew up somewhere else. :frusty:

  12. I'm told I should put my opinion on the spoiler issue here (since the mods deleted in from the Cold Station 12 discussion). The mods were busy adding spoiler tags to every post on that thread.


    Okay so If I was to go onto to a thread taking about the TOS ep "Space Seed" and I were to say "This reminds me of Cold Station 12 when . . ." Then yeah, I would put spoiler tags around it.


    But if the title of the thread is "What do you think of Cold Station 12" do we really have to worry about the folks who haven't seen the episode yet? You'll get more people through who are annoyed about having to clickety-click multiple spoiler tags than the odd person who is annoyed that we gave away the ending. Imo, you have to be an idiot not to expect spoilers in a thread devoted to an episode you have not yet seen. And for those idiots, you can put "contains spoilers" in the title of the thread.


    That's what I think. But then, I'm not from England.


    Another thing....sometimes when my computer is being wonky I just can't read the spoiler tags. It is extremely annoying.

  13. It airs at eight on Friday nights on CityTv. I think this is a sucky time, because on Fridays I like to pretend I'm not a nerd and go out sometimes. (I could tape it, but it doesn't feel fresh that way)


    Unless I'm wrong it airs again on Sunday on the Space channel (they usually do that, but I haven't checked that out yet this year). But that's when Cold Case is on!

  14. Click For Spoiler
    I think it would be interresting if one of the Augments takes his name and has a child (since we haven't seen or heard anything about Arik Soong having a child). That would explain how Noonien Soong was so intelligent, enoguh so that he was able to create Data, even if the story-line doesn't actually say so.


    If that happened Noonien Soong wouldn't actually be related to Arik, would look nothing like him, and would not be played by the same actor.


    On the spoiler issue: Why would someone who is in the middle of watching season three, read a thread called "How Would You rate Cold Station 12"? This makes no sense. If you read a thread about an episode you have not seen, you should expect spoilers.