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  1. I would hate to see that! We have enough of that now. Star Trek is suppose to be a more peaceful future. I don't want to turn on the news and seeĀ  armor, grenades, camflouge and all that and then turn on ST and see it there too. Star Trek is my escape. It's fiction, it doesn't have to be perfectly realistic in every way.

    Don't forget,There are enemies could try to destroy peace, and Peace always have defenders.Military fight for Peace.If there was Peace and no protecters,things can change alot

    Enemies could easily take over and destroy peace.Hope you know what i mean

  2. Some information is new and some are old.It's about Expanse the final episode for Season 2.This is a Extreme Spoilers,There are some information are old and new.Sorry if this is already heard.

    Click for Spoiler:

    -The episode will start with the Xindi attacking Earth, and Duras given the task of bringing Archer in for Klingon justice.

    -The death toll for the Xindi attack will be in the millions.

    -Enterprise will be recalled, however along the way Duras will attack Enterprise

    -During this battle, Enterprise will be disabled. Duras will then attempt to board Enterprise. At the last moment, several warp two Starfleet ships will show up and fight Duras and force him to retreat.

    -When Enterprise returns to Earth, Trip finds out that his hometown was destroyed. His sister being one of the casualties.

    -Archer eventually gets information about a second planned attack and decides to take Enterprise into the Delphic Expanse, where the Xindi are located. Starfleet decides to upgrade Enterprise to make in combat ready. Part of the upgrade is a commando unit.

    -The Xindi attacked Earth because they were told that Earth would be responsible for the destruction of there homeworld in 400 years.

    -The Xindi will actually be multiple species(reptiles, insects, mammals, etc.) that evolved on the same world. The differnt species will all have differnt technolgy.

    -The Vulcans do not support Starfleets dissision to let Enterprise go into the Delphic Expanse, so they recall T'Pol.

    -T'Pol, feeling the crew will need her help, resigns her commision.

    -Enterprise will be getting Photon Torpedos, which will make there first apperence in the third season.

    -The Archer-Rebecca subplot is rumored to be on the cutting room floor.