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  1. I just got back from the Terminator 3 which is this is my third time. I loved it alot. I liked better than T1 and T2. But the bad thing is movie seems to be short. Anyway I loved it. I think I'm sure there will be Terminator 4. I heard about the Terminator 4 is all about war. For some reason, the terminators remind of the borg. One controls all

  2. I have a theory...

    Enterprise spends a couple of years in the expanse make peace with the Xindi, they come back and find out that a war with the Romulans has been raging on while they were gone.

    Just a theory though so take it what it's worth.

    What a rocking good idea! :)

    I liked that idea alot

  3. I get the feeling that the romulans were the ones who attacked Earth.The pilot who died from the crash in the pod could be fake, Romulans can create fake clones. I think Absaador Soval could be a Romulan in disguised in Vulcan(similar happened to the one in TNG).Everything you see on the Expanse could be a set up.What do you think?I remember in B&B interviews they said there is a reason why Captain Picard or Kirk never mentioned about the expanse or Xinidi.I think the Future Guy is lying,too.