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  1. happy birthday odo! :D

  2. wow never knew he changed his name. always knew him as dragon even back in that other place. have not been here latley myself . this is a great loss to the Trek family. all i can say is he is doing what we hope to do, Exploring the stars RIP my friend
  3. I was 45 :lol:
  4. i got 32 and will be 51 next month
  5. my cat waiting for for me at the front door. like a puppy .
  6. congrats
  7. Raining again anyone got a spare raft
  8. 20% BAD 80% good :
  9. A rainbow durning a thunderstorm 7 inches of rain in the last month here in michigan i think we should consider building a ark
  10. as a two part siries premier it did a execent job of giving us a insite to the main people. also as it is my favorite as per my name. i give it a 6 out of five. :lol: am a shapeshifter after all
  11. gee your banned for not knowing why i said just because.
  12. Your banned just because.