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College Basketball

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Who here follows College basketball, or is just a casual fan. I have for quite a few years, and now I think this is the best basketball around, even beating the crappy NBA. These players put thier bodies on the line every game, and this game provides some of the best moments ever, like the Buzzer Beaters, the entire March Madness, and just great play.


Here in the bay Area, its even great to be a College Basketball fan because the #1 undefeated team in the nation is only 15 minutes south of Where I live. I've saw Stanford today and they deserve to be #1. They really play as a team, they are fast on the defensive end, and they are all around good. Do you think Stanford will run the Table and go undefeated all the way. Also, how great will it be if Stanford and St. Joes were playing to the National Title. That will be a great game.

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