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A timeless debate....

What kind of fan do you call yourself?  

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  1. 1. What kind of fan do you call yourself?

    • Trekkie only!
    • Trekker only!
    • Trekkie, but I don't mind being called a trekker
    • Trekker, but I don't mind being called a trekkie
    • No preference.

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I've said it several times before... A Trekkie is a fan of Star Trek. A Trekker is a fan of taking really long walks.

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Info from wikipedia:


Trekkie (or Trekker) is a term used to describe a fan of all or part of the Star Trek fictional universe.



In the late 1960s, science fiction editor Art Saha applied the term "trekkies" when he saw a few fans of the first season of Star Trek wearing pointy ears at a science convention. He used the term in an interview with Pete Hamill that Hamill was conducting for TV Guide concerning the phenomenon of science fiction.


The Trekkie phenomenon did not catch on with general public consciousness until years after the show was cancelled in 1969. The show began syndication in reruns during the early 1970s and the first fan convention devoted to Star Trek opened in 1976 in New York.


Trekkie v. Trekker

Some Star Trek enthusiasts prefer the term "Trekkie", while some others self-identify as "Trekker". Self-identification as a "Trekkie" became even less popular after a famous national television parody in 1986 (Shatner on Saturday Night Live); several self-described "Trekkers" were quoted as saying they "had a life" (contrasting themselves from "Trekkies").


In the 1991 TV show Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Special, Leonard Nimoy attempts to settle the issue by stating that the term 'Trekker' is the correct one.


In the documentary Trekkies, Kate Mulgrew stated that Trekkers are the ones "walking with us" while the Trekkies are the ones content to simply sit and watch Star Trek.


The issue is also shown in the film Trekkies 2, in which a Star Trek fan recounts a supposed incident during a Star Trek convention where Gene Roddenberry used the term "trekkies" to describe fans of the show, only to be corrected by a fan that stood up and yelled "Trekkers!" Gene Roddenberry allegedly responded with "No, it's 'Trekkies.' I should know — I invented the thing."


Other names

Star Trek fans who believe Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the best series of the franchise adopted the title of Niner following the episode "Take Me Out to the Holosuite", in which Captain Benjamin Sisko formed a baseball team "The Niners".




The Original Series Trekkies at BayCon 2003 Trekkies often own memorabilia such as replica props or blueprints and (pseudo-)technical manuals from the shows.


There are many Star Trek fan clubs, among the largest currently being STARFLEET International and the International Federation of Trekkers.


Some Trekkies regularly attend Star Trek conventions (called "cons").


There is a persistent stereotype that amongst Trekkies there are many speakers of the constructed Klingon language. The reality is less clear-cut, as some of its most fluent speakers are more language aficionados than people obsessed with Star Trek. Most Trekkies have no more than a basic vocabulary of Klingon, perhaps consisting of a few common words heard innumerable times over the series, while not having much knowledge of Klingon's syntax or precise phonetics. END ----


Either is fine with me, though I don't agree with everything wikipedia says. I have heard and used trekkie longer, so I'm more liable to use that term.

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