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the timeline is all screwed up in enterprise.

The timelines in all Star Treks are messed up. Here is an explanation of just one example:


The future technology of the 29th century is what causes itself to be invented by being sent to the past (1996) so that Chronowerx could create the computer revolution (a paradox, but according to one time travel theory this is possible). If this is the case, when Sisko, Jadzia, and bashir transport from the Defiant to Earth and are sent to sometime in the 21st century Starfleet would be permanently lost. Here is why: in the future, the Defiant is still intact within the timeline but the rest of Starfleet is not. If Starfleet is not in existence then technology cannot be sent to the past by Braxton's timeship to create the computer revolution. This would affect the place in which Sisko, Bashir, and Jadzia are; it would place them into a different timeline. This would prevent them from returning things back to normal because the difference would not just be the death of one man who Sisko could imitate, but the difference would be a world which has completely different and inferior computers. This would be too significant of a change to the timeline for Sisko to ever change. Starfleet and the Federation would be lost forever. All because neutrino's interacted with the transport process of the Defiant's crew members.


The above was just one example, but problems with time travel episodes conflicting are rampant within Star Trek. So it certainly is not just Enterprise. People in general, and in my opinion, use that as an excuse to dislike Enterprise. As you can see, I tend to defend Enterprise. My reason is this: It's my favorite!

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