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A Preview: Destination Star Trek Germany

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It’s happening! We’ve been talking about it for months, and now it’s upon us: Destination Star Trek Germany will take place this weekend, April 27-29, at The Messe Westfallenhallen in Dortmund. will be trekking out to Germany to report on all the happenings, but today we’re in preview mode for those of you preparing to join in the fun or still contemplating going.


DSTG will be a star-studded affair that crisscrosses the entire franchise, from The Original Series to Discovery, with a special emphasis on the 25th anniversary of Deep Space Nine. Check out who’ll be in the house throughout the weekend, participating in panels (including The Two Daxes!) on the Enterprise and Voyager Stages, signing autographs and posing for photos:

Star Trek, William Shatner, James T. Kirk

star trek discovery, mary wiseman, ensign tilly

star trek discovery, shazad latif, ash tyler

star trek discovery, destination star trek, mary chieffo, l'rell

star trek discovery, destination star trek, kenneth mitchell, kol

star trek, destination star trek, nichelle nichols, uhura

star trek, walter koenig, chekov

star trek, nana visitor

star trek, rene auberjonois, odo

star trek, terry farrell, jadzia dax

star trek ezra dax, nicole de boer

star trek, cirroc lofton, jake lofton

star trek, Max Grodenchik, rom

star trek, Aron Eisenberg, nog

star trek deep space nine, chase masterson, leeta

star trek jeffrey combs

star trek Casey Biggs

star trek, vaughn armstrong

star trek, camille saviola

star trek voyager, robert duncan mcneill, tom paris

star trek voyager, ethan phillips, neelix

star trek, destination star trek, robert o'reilly, gowron

star trek enterprise, connor trinneer, trip tucker

star trek, destination star trek, gary graham, soval

star trek, ira steven behr

star trek, david zappone

Photo Ops

Star Trek: Discovery Captain's Chair

All the guests at DSTG will be available throughout the weekend for professional photo ops. Fans should also be sure to check out the unique photo options, including pics with the actors in a transporter room, William Shatner on the classic bridge with Tribbles, a DS9 group shot with at least 10 cast/crew from the show, and photos with actors in costume/makeup, including Armin Shimerman, Aron Eisenberg, Max Grodenchik, Casey Biggs and Chase Masterson. Fans can also pose for photos on the transporter, Klingon bridge, Discovery captain’s chair  against a green screen.  


DST Museum

Attendees can check out genuine props and costumes from the last 50-plus years of Star Trek only at DSTG. The display will include items from privately owned collections and some never-before-seen Discovery items only recently added. Make sure you take some time to see this special collection of items and see how many you recognize from your favorite episodes and films.

Additional Programming

European Space Agency

Star Trek Timelines, Eaglemoss and Star Trek Online will be in the house. Special panels throughout the weekend will focus on topics including “How DS9 Broke the Mold for Star Trek.” The European Space Agency will host a panel to discuss: Could a gravitational wave really destroy the Starship Enterprise?” Be sure to participate in quizzes and auctions, to check out episodes and movies in the screening room, and to attend a Saturday night concert by the Star Trek Rat Pack. Some of the programming requires a separate admission, so please check your tickets and the schedule to determine if you need to buy a ticket.

Tickets are available at And keep an eye on for our recaps of each day’s events. 


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