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Wiseman, Latif Set for Destination Star Trek Germany

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Mary Wiseman and Shazad Latif will be in the house for all of Destination Star Trek Germany, which will take place April 27-29, 2018, at The Messe Westfallenhallen in Dortmund. The two breakout Star Trek: Discovery actors -- she plays the energetic, talkative Ensign Tilly; he's the troubled Lt. Ash Tyler -- will participate in panels, pose for photos and sign autographs.

star trek discovery, mary wiseman, ensign tilly

star trek discovery, shazad latif, ash tyler

Wiseman and Latif join an impressive guest list including:  

Star Trek, William Shatner, James T. Kirk

star trek discovery, destination star trek, mary chieffo, l'rell

star trek discovery, destination star trek, kenneth mitchell, kol

star trek, destination star trek, nichelle nichols, uhura

star trek, walter koenig, chekov

star trek, nana visitor

star trek, rene auberjonois, odo

star trek, terry farrell, jadzia dax

star trek ezra dax, nicole de boer

star trek, cirroc lofton, jake lofton

star trek, Max Grodenchik, rom

star trek, Aron Eisenberg, nog

star trek deep space nine, chase masterson, leeta

star trek jeffrey combs

star trek Casey Biggs

star trek, vaughn armstrong

star trek, camille saviola

star trek voyager, robert duncan mcneill, tom paris

star trek voyager, ethan phillips, neelix

star trek, destination star trek, robert o'reilly, gowron

star trek enterprise, connor trinneer, trip tucker

star trek, destination star trek, gary graham, soval

star trek, ira steven behr

star trek, david zappone

 has also announced that Jason Isaacs unfortunately will not appear at the event due to a film commitment.

Along with autographs, photos and panels, fans attending Destination Star Trek Germany will be able to take command of the bridge on the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-D, plus see props and costumes in the Destination Star Trek Museum.

Keep an eye on for additional news about Destination Star Trek guests and programming.

Tickets are available at

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