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Eagles Defeat Patriots!

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Congrats to the Patriots! I've been following and rooting for them since the beginning of the season. Quarterback Carson Wentz, who was injured earlier this season, played for North Dakota State, who has won National championships and plays in the same conference as my under grad alma mater, Western Illinois University. Also a former Lyons player, suburb of Chicago, is their kicker, another great sports story.

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Sorry I haven't been around. The past few years, life just always seems to pull me in different directions.

The 2017 Eagles season was truly a magical one for any long suffering Eagles fan though. For me, it had been 40 years of "Maybe next year", then 2017 became "next year" kind of unexpectedly.

To be honest though, in week 3 of the season when the Eagles played the Giants in Philadelphia and Jake Elliott kicked that 61 yard Field Goal to win the game, in my mind I knew that 'next year' had finally arrived. I never let that slip out of my lips though, so as not to jinx it but I really felt that this would be the year. I think the closest that I came to predicting it (at that point) was to comment to a few people that the 61 yarder would make a great chapter in our "America's Game" episode, come next September.

The Super Bowl itself was an awesome game to experience from the vantage point of a green bleeding Eagles fan who has been bleeding green since 1976 (when I was 7 years old). I'm not ashamed to admit that the victory brought tears to my eyes.

Since February 4th, I've probably re-watched the game 40 times. I turned the game into a Blu-Ray and added 3 different radio broadcasts to it, so I can watch the game with different announcers calling the game. I actually did that to the entire season, so I have all 19 games on Blu-Ray. I haven't re-watched the entire season (yet), but the Super Bowl is one that I never get tired of watching.

My plan, well my hope, is that I'll be able to get a ticket to the 2018 home opener so I can be there when they unveil the Championship Banner at Lincoln Financial Field. I've never been to an Eagles game in person, so that would be a great one to make my first. Well, the Super Bowl would have been a great one to be my first, but that would have cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000. I'd have to have a 'Go Fund Me' page to raise the money for that! lol

Hopefully though, I'll be able to make it to Philadelphia for that season opener.

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