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Discovery Cast & Creatives Beaming to NYCC

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New York Comic-Con will be held October 5-8 at the Javits Center in Manhattan, and Star Trek – on the heels of Star Trek: Discovery’s debut -- is set to make an indelible mark over the weekend with a whirlwind of activities that encompasses a Discovery panel, a fan meetup and a Discovery Captain’s Chair photo op. And, as always, a galaxy of Star Trek licensees is beaming in for the occasion, with new products, NYCC-exclusives, giveaways and signings. The long list of licensees includes Anovos, Chronicle Books, Diamond Select Toys, Eaglemoss, FanSets, Hallmark, Harper Collins, IDW Publishing, Loot Crate, Rubies, RockLove Jewelry, Simon & Schuster and Titan.

Star Trek: Discovery Panel (The Theater at Madison Square Garden)

Cast and creative from the newest Trek show in the galaxy will participate in a hot-ticket panel on Saturday, October 7 from 3:45-4:45 p.m. 

U.S.S. Discovery Captain's Chair (1B-01)

Captain Lorca has nothing on you. It's the ultimate photo op and your chance to captain the ship!  This is your chance -- all weekend long, in 1B-01 -- to pose for a free photo in Lorca's chair from the U.S.S. Discovery.
Star Trek Discovery Captain's Chair

Star Trek Fan Meetup

Get together with your fellow Trek fans during this special meet-up, It'll happen from 5:15-6:15pm in 1C01.

Top exclusives and signings available onsite include: 

ANOVOS (Booth #1536)



Check out a preview of their upcoming Discovery uniforms, which will be displayed for the first time – and available for pre-order.


Chronicle Books (Booth #2323)




Are you ready for Star Trek Cats patches? Captain Kirk will be available on Thursday, Oct. 5, followed by Uhura on Friday, Oct. 6 and Spock on Saturday, Oct. 7. The patches will cost $5 each, with a limit of three per person, while supplies last. Also: Buy Star Trek Cats, receive a free poster.

Diamond Select Toys (Booth #1644)

Among the products, DST will have on display: Star Trek Select Borg Action Figure, Star Trek USS Reliant Electronic Starship and the Star Trek Electronic Phaser.

Eaglemoss (Booth #1303)



Eaglemoss will wing its way into NYCC with a host of exclusive and never-before-seen starships. Ships making their debut will include the U.S.S. Aventine NCC-82602, a mega-sized Enterprise NX-01, the Starfleet Office Complex Travel Pod 05, a Space Dock Work Bee, and the Argo. Also set to be on display and available for sale will be the U.S.S. Titan and the Deep Space Nine Space Station K-7. 

FanSets (Booth #2266)


FanSets will be in the house with their popular line of Star Trek Pin sets pins, including their brand-new Discovery pins and a special, NYCC-exclusive pin. 

(Booth #1920)






Hallmark will offer a sneak peek at its 2018 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments -- and possibly more, too. They'll also have with them the 30th Anniversary Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise-C Keepsake Ornament, a variety of TNG itty bittys, Picard and Data with sound, and the U.S.S. Franklin.


Harper Collins (Booth #2118 & 2119)


Harper Collins will offer a number of their Star Trek titles. Most notably... The revised, massive Star Trek Encyclopedia.  


IDW (Booth #1844)

Be on the lookout for a NYCC-exclusive Boldly Go Vol. 1 variant, as well as the just-released Mirror Broken and Discovery titles. And, be sure to visit the booth for details about Waypoint artist signings.

LootCrate (Booth #536)


LootCrate is touching down at NYCC with a trio of Trek exclusives: two figures and one pin. Visit their booth to find out for yourself what the exclusives are and to sign-up for the Star Trek Mission Crate.

Simon & Schuster (Booth #2128)insetssbooks.jpg

The S&S booth will be bustling all weekend. Among the Trek titles that'll be available: Discovery: Desperate Hours, DS9: Gamma: Original Sin, Hearts and Minds, and Section 31: Control. They'll be giving away TOS: Legacies #1: Captain to Captain (on Friday at 3:30) and Prey #1: Hell's Heart (on Saturday at 3). And there's more. S&S will offer a free chapter (chapter 2) of Desperate Hours via Foli at the Javits Center and at the Theater at MSG throughout the weekend. They'll also have a Discovery-themed Snapchat filter at the Theater at MSG during the Discovery panel on Saturday. Lastly, be sure to catch author David Mack signing copies of Desperate Hours in the S&S booth at 2pm on Friday. 

Titan (Booth #2142)


Titan will have available the new Star Trek:The Makeup Artistry of Joel Harlow, priced at $45, which includes a frameable print signed by Oscar-winner Harlow. Fans can also pick up an exclusive early copy of The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard -- which comes with a limited-edition, free enamel Enterprise pin. And be sure to attend "Inside The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard" on October 5 (Booth 174 at 3:45-4 pm), during which author David A. Goodman will be interviewed at the NYCC Livestream.



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What do a Starfleet crew, a Klingon and Discovery creatives have in common? They will beam down to New York Comic-Con to participate in a Star Trek: Discovery panel on Saturday, October 7 in The Theater at Madison Square Garden, from 3:45-4:45pm.

The cast members include:

star trek discovery, sonequa martin-green, michael burnham

star trek discovery, jason isaacs, gabriel lorca

star trek discovery, doug jones, saru

star trek discovery, shazad latif, ash tyler

star trek discovery, mary wiseman, sylvia tilly

star trek discovery, anthony rapp, paul stamets

star trek discovery, mary chieffo, l'rell

star trek discovery, wilson cruz, dr hugh culber

Joining the cast members are executive producers Alex Kurtzman, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts, Heather Kadin and Akiva Goldsman. And how’s this for cool: the panel will be moderated by Dr. Mae Jemison. Fans will recognize Dr. Jemison as the former NASA Astronaut who guest starred as Ensign Palmer in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “Second Chances.”

star trek the next generation, mae jemison

Can't be there in person? Follow Star Trek on Twitter for live coverage from the NYCC panel.

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Star Trek: Discovery stormed New York City on Saturday, with more than a dozen cast and creatives taking the stage for a panel at New York Comic-Con. Fans were treated to an extended preview of episode four, “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry,” which streams tomorrow, and heard semi-spoiler-ish details and hints about upcoming storylines, relationship developments, character introductions and more.

Former NASA astronaut, lifelong Trek fan and Star Trek: The Next Generation guest star Dr. Mae Jemison moderated the hour-long panel. The actors representing the show were Sonequa Martin-Green, Jason Isaacs, Doug Jones, Mary Chieffo, Shazad Latif, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman and Wilson Cruz, while the production team was represented by Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts and Heather Kadin.

star trek discovery, sonequa martin-green, doug jones

Martin-Green marveled at meeting Nichelle Nichols on the blue carpet at the Discovery premiere a few weeks ago. “Nichelle graced us with her presence,” the actress recounted. “She whispered to me, ‘Enjoy it. This is yours now.’”

star trek discovery, anthony rapp

“The science on the series is theoretical,” Rapp noted. “But it’s based on real science.”

star trek discovery, alex kurtzman

Michael Burnham is the first mutineer in Star Trek history presented as the main character of a series. She got Captain Georgiou, her mentor/mother figure/friend, killed. Many others died as a result of her actions. She’s saddled with guilt. Her ambitions are crushed. That, explained Kurtzman, is where her journey starts. “It gives her a very long way to go,” the co-creator/executive producer said. “It gives her a redemption story.”

star trek discovery, mary chieffo, jason isaacs

Lorca is a wartime captain on a science ship. The stories will reflect that and give viewers, as Isaacs put it, “an ethical minefield” to consider. “We’re giving you stuff to talk about after the credits roll,” he said. “There’s tons to talk about, not the least of which is, ‘Is Lorca right? Is Lorca wrong?’ Hopefully someone, somewhere agrees with Lorca.”

star trek discovery, mary wiseman

Tilly is a cadet in her last year. Should she even be on the bridge? “Age is just a number,” Wiseman joked, before turning serious. “She said in the third episode that she’s the smartest theoretical engineer on the ship. And she’s super-smart. Everything she lacks in social graces and impulse control, she makes up with her mind.”

star trek discovery, anthony rapp, wilson cruz

Fans will make the acquaintance of Dr. Hugh Culber in this weekend’s episode. What can Cruz say about Culber? “I can talk about my boo, my space boo,” he said playfully, turning to Rapp, his longtime real-life friend, who plays his partner on the show. “I can talk about how I am excited to work with my friend of 20 years. I can tell you I’m proud to be part of Star Trek’s first gay couple. I’ve had the most amazing time and I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

star trek discovery, michelle yeoh

Dr. Jemison then opened the floor to questions from fans. A petite, sunglasses-sporting Asian woman was first and asked if somehow, we’ll see more of Captain Georgiou. That was no ordinary fan, however, but rather Michelle Yeoh in disguise, surprising everyone, apparently, including the cast and producers. Upon being convinced to join the panel, Yeoh hugged everyone before saying, “The most amazing journey has been with Sonequa,” and turning to Isaacs to warn, “So, I’m telling you, Captain Lorca, if you don’t look after my baby girl, I’m going to come back and kick your ass! And you know I can do it!” Isaacs replied, “I would say I’d like to see you try,” then demurred: “But I really wouldn’t want to see you try.”

star trek discovery, sonequa martin-green

A fan asked if there will be a romance for Michael Burnham. Martin-Green smiled, then hemmed and hawed dramatically. “We’re covering everything with everyone,” she teased. “You see what I’m saying?!” 

star trek discovery, mae jemison

Dr. Jemison offered her thought perhaps Discovery is “darker” than previous Trek shows and asked if that was a “fair” assessment. Goldsman said, “Let me address that… No,” and then launched into a detailed response, arguing that Discovery delivers “a wholly serialized narrative” with a narrative the emphasizes telling “character stories over plot, which does not suggest that we don’t have plot. If Jim Kirk had to deal with Edith Keeler’s death in ‘The City on the Edge of Forever as if it were real life, it would take a whole series or a season. It would not be fine the next week. We can stretch those emotions out for a season.”

What else did we learn? Possible spoilers ahead.

star trek discovery, michael burnham, paul stamets

The U.S.S. Discovery’s engine, according to Harberts, “is organic.”

star trek, rainn wilson, harry mudd

Latif confirmed that his first scene (which is NOT in episode four) finds him in a prison cell with Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd.

star trek discovery, commander ellen landry, michael burnham

The creature we met in episode three is a tardigrade. Lorca wants to “weaponize” it, and that’s of the reason why he brought Burnham on board the ship. 

star trek discovery, captain georgiou

And as the panel ended, Berg insisted on answering Yeoh’s question from earlier, about whether Georgiou might return. “You WILL see more of this woman on the show,” Berg declared.

Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world.

Star Trek Discovery CBS All Access

Star Trek Discovery Space Channel CraveTV

Star Trek Discovery Netflix

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The cast and producers of Star Trek: Discovery ventured from their packed appearance at New York Comic-Con to The Paley Center, where they all took the stage as part of the center’s PaleyFest activities. Discovery's Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman, Akiva Goldsman, Gretchen J. Berg, Aaron Harberts and Heather Kadin were joined by eight of the actors:

star trek discovery, sonequa martin-green

Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham)

star trek discovery, jason isaacs

Jason Isaacs (Captain Gabriel Lorca)

star trek discovery, doug Jones

Doug Jones (Saru)

star trek discovery, mary cieffo

Mary Chieffo (L'Rell)

star trek discovery, shazad latif

Shazad Latif (Ash Tyler)

star trek discovery, mary wiseman

Mary Wiseman (Cadet Sylvia Tilly)

star trek discovery, wilson cruz

Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber)

Attendees – more than a few wearing Trek uniforms – were treated to an hour of conversation, laughs and revelations, as well as, exclusively, a scene from episode five. Actually, if we’re being honest there were more bombshells dropped here than during the NYCC panel. So, you’ve been warned, spoilers ahead:

star trek discovery georgiou, burnham

Kadin addressed the show’s casting and cited Michael Burnham as “the longest journey” when it came to selecting a leading lady. “Any time you try to cast a female who feels intelligent, who can carry a phaser – it’s usually a gun, on cops shows – and not look ridiculous, it’s hard,” she said. “It’s hard to find someone not doing the whole Charlie’s Angels thing. And it’s hard to find someone who can carry the weight of the show, on screen and off screen. But we found her.”

star trek discovery, captain lorca

Harberts acknowledged that Captain Lorca’s creepy menagerie includes a Gorn skeleton, even though we didn’t see a Gorn until Kirk and crew encountered the one everyone remembers from “Arena,” the iconic TOS episode. “What does it say about Lorca that he has access to one?” Harberts asked aloud. “It gives us a story element, and it’s a fun wink and a nod with the audience.”

star trek discovery, harry mudd

So, what about the footage screened? It was from episode five titled "Choose Your Pain," and it featured Shazad Latif as Lt. Ash Tyler, Rainn Wilson as Harry Mudd and Isaacs as Lorca. They’re in a prison cell, having been captured by the Klingons, and Tyler looks worse for wear, having been there several months. Lorca doesn’t much trust Tyler (how is he still alive after so long?) and he takes an instant dislike to Mudd, though the feeling is mutual. “It’s an interesting episode,” Harberts observed. “It’s about torture, about loyalty, and it sows a lot of seeds. It’s one to watch very carefully because it sows seeds for the rest of the season.”

star trek discovery, saru

Lt. Saru, in “Context Is for Kings,” walked around eating and offering blueberries. It was a cool, quirky moment, but even Jones wondered why his alter ego liked blueberries. Harberts chose that very moment to answer: “That was a tribute to Bryan Fuller,” Harberts revealed. “He’d walk through the office and offer you blueberries.”

star trek discovery, saru

Speaking of Saru, it’s a bit of a joke that the character has no butt. It’s partly because of the character’s unique heels and posture, but more to do with the fact that Jones himself doesn’t have much of a rear end to speak of. Discovery costume queen Gersha Phillips at one point conferred with her staff in hushed tones while they examined Jones in costume, and he knew immediately they were talking about… his butt, or lack thereof. They all then engaged in a conversation about possibly padding his butt.

star trek discovery, doug smith

“’How about keeping it as it is, since it looks more alien,’” Jones recalled suggesting. And so Saru is butt-less. “I won that one!” Jones declared. 

star trek discovery, captain georgiou

Harberts made the following memorable statement: “Georgiou is never going to leave us.”

star trek discovery, mary chieffo

Chieffo addressed the many houses of Klingons and their distinct looks. Referring to House T’Kuvma, she said, “We’re almost the runts, the Land of Misfit Toys of Klingons.”

star trek discovery, wilson cruz, anthony rapp

Cruz, Rapp and others spoke passionately about the show’s diversity, but stressed that the characters don’t actually ever discuss it. The show simply leads by example. “I hear the President watches television,” Cruz said. “I hope he’ll watch Discovery.”

star trek discovery, alex kurtzman

The show didn’t change course much following the U.S. presidential election, though Kurtzman acknowledged that afterward the writing staff “realized how important it was for the core message of the show to be amplified.”

The cast and producers buzzed excitedly when asked about what changed on Discovery as it shifted from idea to reality. Among the revelations:

star trek discovery, saru

Saru was supposed to have 10 eyes. That idea was ditched when the prosthetics proved too complicated and limited Jones from using his eyes and facial movements to full effect.

star trek discovery, captain lorca

Originally, the U.S.S. Discovery was going to have a two-story bridge.

star trek discovery, commander ellen landry, michael burnham

The tardigrade creature that made its debut in “Context Is for Kings” was initially going to be an officer on the Discovery bridge. It had a name, Ephraim. A puppet version of it was even constructed. But it proved too expensive, too impractical and would have taken too much time to include in scenes. 


Goldsman spoke at length about the power of Star Trek and science fiction. The discussion can be distilled down to the following quote. “Here is what sci-fi, what Star Trek, is good at,” he noted. “Empathic imagination… played out on a giant interstellar canvas.”

star trek discovery, mary wiseman

And it was Wiseman who got the last word. As much room as there appears to be for Burnham to grow, the moderator suggested, it feels as if Tilly might have even more room to do so, and that Burnham might learn at least as much from Tilly as Tilly could learn from Burnham. The actress acknowledged all of that, teasing that “Everything she seems is not everything she is.”

Star Trek: Discovery airs Sunday nights on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. The series airs on Mondays on Netflix in the rest of the world.

Star Trek Discovery CBS All Access

Star Trek Discovery Space Channel CraveTV

Star Trek Discovery Netflix

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