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Dragon Con: Atlanta, GA, Sept. 1-4, 2017

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Dragon*Con will be held at these hotels (Hyatt Regency Atlanta / Hilton Atlanta / Marriott Marquis Atlanta / Sheraton Atlanta Hotel / Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA from Sept. 1-4, 2017.

Star Trek guests scheduled to attend include:

William Shatner: James T Kirk, TOS / ST I-VII

Michael Dorn: Worg, TNG / DS9 / ST VII-X

Jonathan Frakes: Will Riker, TNG / ST VII-X

Gates McFadden: Beverly Crusher, TNG / ST VII-X

Dina Meyer: Commander Donatra, ST X

Marina Sirtis: Deanna Troi, TNG / ST VII-X

Brent Spiner: Data, TNG, ST VII-X

Karl Urban: Doctor Bones McCoy, ST XI-XIII

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