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CO : Pythas Krai Glinn

email: Pythas Krai


XO : Delphar Neebu

email: Delphar Neebu


website : SB 27 Forum on the SLA


Timing: Sundays at 6:00 pm EST



The Dominion War has ended. The Cardassian Trivas System Treaty of 2377 gave the Federation the right to uninhibited exploration of Cardassian Space in exchange for support in rebuilding the Cardassian Government.


The once abandoned and gutted Empok Nor became Star Base 27.


And just when the Treaty was to be ratified, and Empok Nor, 90% restored, the Detapa Council was overthrown by a revitalized Central Command and the NEW Cardassian Government who wants to renegotiate the treaty.


The Cardassian Liason Officer on Star Base 27 in now the Station’s Commander and the crew are Star Fleet Officers until the treaty is ratified, or the Cardassian’s Declare War.


Tensions are high and right now it’s a Tongo game as to the outcome. As if that wasn’t enough, all those civilizations that the Cardassians subdued, now that the support of the Federation is in question, they’re smelling blood and wanting to get a piece of the Oppressors.


Fleet, Civilian and Cardassian positions open.


Constables OPS

Civilian Business Owners TAC

Entertainment CENG

Politicians CMO

Syndicates/Guilds CSI

Travel Agents CSEC

or * ?

* Got an idea email it to us


Apply directly to:


CO : Pythas Krai, Glinn

email: Pythas Krai


XO : Delphar Neebu

email: Delphar Neebu


or visit our application site:

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