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Spend 35 days in my front yard... in 6 minutes

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This year I decided to set up my video camera in my front yard to video tape the blooming process of my cherry trees, my idea was to turn the video into a time lapse video to show them going from bare trees to full bloom and finally to full of green leaves. When it starts getting close to Fall I'll put the camera back out there to film them going from fill of green leaves back to bare trees and add that to the video so it will show the full process of bare to bloom to green back to bare.


I started filming on March 2nd and finished on April 18th, the video contains clips from 35 days with several days worth of still images at the end. As you'll see (if you watch it) the video begins at daybreak and ends at nightfall. If you do watch it be sure to check out the HD quality version here

(you'll have to click the little "HD" button under the video screen). The SD quality version loses a bit of detail.



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