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It's 2386, out on the new frontier of the ever expanding Federation a new base has been built to oversee and co-ordinate the colonisation and terraforming of a hundred new worlds. New opportunities abound, dreams become real and a bold new dawn rises.


However the dawn is not without it's problems, the new frontier brings enemies too, new and old. Out here the Kzin and the Klingons are no less willing to raise their hands to protect what they view as theirs, rogue pirates and criminal gangs resist the encroachment of law and traitors quietly spread their seditious lies.


There will be war, there will be death and there will be heroism too.

Starbase Valhalla will be at the center of it all


Whether it likes it or not....



You can be part of it, a main player in the dramas of the new frontier,

All it takes is an idea and a will to play....



Join now!

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