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TNG Caption Contest #5


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  1. 1. Which is your favourite caption:

    • Picard: "Mrs. Troi, the Enterprise has excellent climate control. A rain poncho is not necessary....."
    • Picard: "That is a phaser in my pocket. I am not glad to see you."
    • Picard thinking: "You know, Riker and DeAnna aren't that important."
    • Picard: "Wait a moment... why is something poking into ME?!"
    • Picard: "Mrs. Troi, you are really beautiful, but now I should work..." Mrs. Troi: "Oh, Jean Luc, you have so many officials around you, they know perfectly what they must do..." Picard: "Well, I'm not so sure... However, you could find another gentleman on this ship. Miss Troi, please, would you accompany your mother out of here, please? Thank you." Mrs. Troi: "Oh, Jean Luc, you are always so difficult... you should change, darling!"
    • The first time that the pick-up line "Hey baby, why don't you sit on my lap and we'll talk about the first thing that pops up?" actually worked.
    • Picard: "A hot, alien babe on my lap... eat your heart out James Kirk."

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Vote for your favourite entry.




Voting will close at 11:59 p.m. Central Time (18:59 GMT) on January 11, 2009.


A reminder that only one vote per member is allowed and that one member with multiple screen names is still one member!


Also, please do not identify the authors of the captions. I want this to be a blind vote which is why you can't see the submission thread at the moment. I will return it after voting has concluded.

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What happens if there is a tie?

Since I'm the TNG mod and am running the contest, I'll break the tie. I haven't voted in any of the contests in case there was a tie. Hopefully there will be clear cut winners every time but if there isn't, I'll be the impartial tie breaker.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.