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Week 1 Predictions

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Jets over Redskins was incorrect, Skins won 16-13

The Jets should have won, could have won but didn't.


Jaguars over Panthers was incorrect, the Panthers won 24-23

This was a game that could have gone either way and the score shows how close it was.


Bills over Partiots was correct, the bills won 31-0

A "Maybe" counts as a victory? I'll just pick "maybe's" from now on lol  :(


Chargers over Chiefs was incorrect, the KC won 27-14

I was way off on this one, I expected to see the Chargers come out strong like they did last year.


Saints over Seahawks was incorrect, the Seahawks won 27-10

Again I was way off on this one and again I expected to see the Saints pick up from last year.


Titans over Raiders 25-20

The Raiders aren't as good as everyone thinks they are.


So You did have a better week then I did but I'd put your record at:


9-4-3 (9 correct, 4 incorrect and 3 "maybe's" lol)

VBG, the maybe's count as "I agree", just not strongly! :tear:


That puts me at 11-5, thanks to the bloody Eagles.


"How can you fly like an eagle when you play like a turkey?" -Old Philly Saying

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