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On behalf of Vice Admiral Praxis Hardfighter, Chief of Staff, I am authorised to announce that Lima Fleet is now currently looking for officers and NCOs of good charactor for Starship, Starbase, Marine Corps, and Starfighter duty. We currently have numerous ships that are in great need of crews.


Lima Fleet Forums


We currently have over 10 Starships, 1 Starbase, and a Marine Battalion assigned to various Task Forces.


Lima Fleet's Senior Staff


Fleet Admiral Steven Kesler-Commander in Chief


Fleet Admiral Kira Phaserman-Deputy Commander in Chief; TF 125 Commanding Officer; CO, USS Veroto


Vice Admiral Praxis Hardfighter-Chief of Staff; TF 125 Executive Officer; CO, USS Fearless Strike Group (Battleship Strike Group.)


Rear Admiral Amanda Quinn-Task Force 405 CO; CO, USS Eros


Commodore Alex Crimson-Task Force 405 XO; CO, Starbase Licentia


Major General B. W. Williams, III-Commander, 7th Marine Regiment (Marine Task Force)



Some of our unique ships:


USS Fearless--Georgia class Battleship, centerpeice of the Fearless Strike Group.


USS Eros--Biggest ship in the fleet (To my knowledge), heavy Explorer.


USS Valiant--Defiant Class, Command Training Vessel, commanded by STF's own Captain Gary Phaserman


USS Veroto--Soveriegn Class, She is the Flagship of the fleet.


USS Valley Forge--Recently detached from FSG, She is a Shiloh class Heavy Cruiser under command of Captain Jim Phaserman (I'm sure yall know who he is, right?)


USS Trojan Horse--a Majestic Class Fleet Carrier, Captain Kristen McQueen's ship is looking for a few good men and women who are not afraid to rush in where angels fear to tread.


Starbase Licentia--Lima Fleet Headquarters, located at the frontier of Federation space, from here Lima Fleet insures the security of the Federation and it's interests, domestically and abroad.


USS Lexington--The Fearless' primary escort, she is a Galaxy class starship built during the Dominion war. As such, she retains many of the Dominion War modifications to the Galaxy class, though she still retains many of the Galaxy's diplomatic and scientific facilities, adding some flexibility to the Fearless Strike Group. Captain Mike Bones is always looking for bright new officers to staff this beauty of a ship.


HVMS Kritak--A recent transfere from Nightfall Fleet, Kritak is a Valderan Heavy Cruiser now assigned to the Fleet as a laison between the Federation and the Valderan Royal Empire. Captain Jarul Fignarigto commanding.


Thank you for your time,


Cdr Kirsta Fignarigto,

Executive Officer, USS Fearless

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Captain McQueen on the Carrier Trojan Horse found out I was advertising for her here, and asked me to try and bait some people to come fly fighters for her, here's the Lima Fleet Starship Database entry for our premier fighter, the Mk. IV





Tomcat Starfighter


Mission: Air and Space Superiority, Strike, Close Air Support

Length: 18.6 Meters

Wingspan: Wings open, 19 meters

Crew: 1 pilot

Powerplant: 3 x Dueterium Fusion Impulse Engines, 1 x Type III Warp Core.

Performance: Warp 9.975 for 1 hour, Warp 9 sustainable for 12 hours. Capable of dogfighting in a Class M Atmosphere at speeds ranging from 190 Km/H to 4,000 Km/H.

Armament: 6 x Mk. 15 Pulse Phasers, 1 x Mk. 19 Phaser Cannon, 2 x Microtorpedo launchers (45 rounds each), 2 torpedo launchers (Internal capacity of 6 torpedoes.) External weapons include Photon and Quantum Torpedoes, Various forms of 226KG, 453KG and 907KG Bombs, Mk. 1 Anti-Fighter Missiles, Mk. 3 Anti-Fighter Missiles, Mk. 1 Mod 4 Anti-Ship Missiles (Etherhawk Missile)





The Tomcat-class Starfighter, who's official Starfleet nomenclature is Starfighter, Aerospace Superiority, Mk. IV, 2384, was developed in the late 2370's following the end of the Dominion War. It got it's name because the design was in essence a redo of a late 20th/early 21st century United States Navy Intercepter, the F-14 Tomcat. The reasoning behind the design was simple. The fighter was large enough to carry a heavy weapons load, could be made compact enough to deploy in squadrons aboard starships larger than 500 meters, and it had demonstrably good atmospheric handling charactoristics, the latter requirement because part of it's intended mission is support of ground troops, strategically, tactically, or in close.


It's primary weapons system is the Mk. 15 Pulse Phaser cannon. This is the same weapon mounded aboard the Peregrine class which preceeded it. the six phasers, mounted in the leading edge of the wing gloves, can be fired sequentially, in pairs, in triplets, or as one. A well placed volley can badly damage a Jem Hadar Attack Ship. Secondarily, the ship carries the Mk. 19 Phaser cannon. Developed for use on the Mk. III Fighter, which was basically a combat-equipped academy trainer, the phaser cannon is designed to give extra punch to smaller craft. the cannon can fire powerful phaser energy beams that can inflict heavy damage on many military craft with defenses that are not as resiliant as those of a Defiant Class Starship.


The craft has twin microtorpedo tubes, mounted low on the nose, above the phaser cannon and forward of the cockpit. each tube has 45 rounds each, and they can fire at a rate of 90 RPM. Also integral to the Tomcat is it's torpedo tubes. Each tube has a 3-weapon magazine, for a total of six. They tend not to carry mixed loads, as the torpedoes cannot be rearranged once loaded into the magazine.


External weapons are numerous. Starfleet developed dozens of weapons for use with the Mk. II (Peregrine) and Mk. III Fighters which are still deployable aboard Tomcat. For dogfighting and exo-atmospheric strike missions, it can carry an impressive load of Anti-fighter and Anti-Ship Missiles, Booster-equiped Torpedoes, and rocket launchers. For the ground support/strike mission, it can carry torpedoes, Rockets, and various types of bombs, including cluster bombs and incindiary bombs.


The Tomcat has two warp nacelles fitted under the outboard engine/weapons pods. These are fitted on retractable pylons that extend for warp flight, and bring the nacelles close in to the hull during atmospheric and sublight space travel. this is especially useful in starfighter combat, as it reduces the number of appendages hanging off the ship.


Weapons hangers can be mounted under the hull (four), under the wing gloves (six, three per side) and under the wings (Three per side.) The Underwing hardpoints move with the wingsweep, always keeping the weapons pointed parallel to the ship's flight path.


The Swing-Wings have several settings. In normal flight mode, the wings are in the 'Closed' possition, at 62 degrees of sweep. During combat and slower atmospheric flight, the wings open to 20 degrees. For landing and storage, the wings 'oversweep' to 75 degrees, making it more compact. In an atmosphere, the wings automatically adjust to provide the optimum performance.


The Swing Wing design makes the Starfighter the most agile craft in an atmosphere, capable of out meneuvering any ship, Starfleet or otherwise.

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We're all still alive. Just alot busier...Most of us are active in Lima Fleet. I'm the XO on the Fearless, Gary's commanding the Valiant, Jim's commanding the Valley Forge. Julie is CMO on Fearless. the only two Phasermans who have yet to make their Lima Fleet debuts are Tommy (Who is still in Iraq) and Darryl.

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Here are some links for you guys so you can check out the these from the Chief Of Staff (Praxis is such a gentleman...assuming of course you don't make him mad.)


USS Fearless-Georgia class battleship, Fearless sim has TWO Ships: USS Fearless and Galaxy class cruiser USS Lexington


Needs for Fearless:


Second officer (Ops) (Lieutenant Commander)


Tactical Action Officer (Lieutenant Commander)


Chief of Security (Lieutenant)


Chief Engineer (Lieutenant


Fighter Group Commander (Major or Lt. Colonel)


Marine Commander (Marine Captain)


Needs for Lexington:


Executive Officer (Commander)


Second officer (Ops) (Lieutenant Commander)


Tactical Action Officer (Lieutenant Commander)


Chief of Security (Lieutenant)


Chief Engineer (Lieutenant)


Chief Medical Officer (Lieutenant or Lt. Commander)


Fighter Squadron Commander (Marine Captain)


Marine Commander (Marine Captain)




First Battalion, 7th Starfleet Marine Regiment-The resident Marine Sim. Features four SFMC Infantry Companies.





Battalion XO (Marine Captain)


Battalion Surgeon (Starfleet Lt.)


Battalion Sgt. Major


Company Commanders (Marine Captains, Bravo, Charlie, Delta Companies)


Company 1st Sergeants (1Sgt, All Companies)


Platoon leaders (Lieutenants) (All Companies, 4 per Company)


Platoon Sergeants (All companies, 4 per company)


Starbase Licentia-Starbase III Class Starbase, Located in Sector 712. Homeport for Lima Fleet.


Needs unknown. Contact RADM A. Crimson, Commander, Starbase Licentia through the sim.


USS Hawkeye-Constitution III Class Starship.


Needs unknown. Contact Captain Remus A. Lupin through Sim.


USS Lansing-Intrepid Class Starship


Needs unknown. Contact Captain Sean Miller through sim.


USS Trojan Horse-Majestic Class Fleet Carrier.


Needs: Alot. I think XO and Flight Control officer are the only two posts Captain McQueen has filled thus far.


USS Veroto-Soveriegn Class Starship, Flagship


Needs: Contact Admiral Kira Phaserman through sim.


USS Valley Forge-Shiloh Class Heavy Cruiser, second most powerful warship in Lima Fleet.*


Needs: Everything aside from a Captain. Contact Captain James Phaserman through the sim.



*warship designation does not include Trojan Horse.

Edited by Krissy Phaserman

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Just checked on that with Admiral Hardfighter...Your account, for some reason, was listed as Validating. He has fixed it, and you should be able to post. Feel Free to contact any of the active persons on that forum for info about the sims.

Edited by Krissy Phaserman

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Just wanted to make a few updates on here, As some of the information has, since Krissy posted it, become outdated.


Current Command Staff:


CinC: FADM Kira Phaserman


DCinC: ADM Praxis Hardfighter


Chief of Staff: VADM Alex Crimson


Task Force 125 CO: Admiral Praxis Hardfighter


Task Force 125 XO: Commodore Remus Lupin


Task Force 405 CO: RADM Amanda Quinn


Task Force 405 XO: RADM Sean Miller


Some updated websites for you guys.


Lima Fleet Command:



USS Fearless:



7th Marine Regiment:


USS Shiloh-NEW SHIP, TF 125, Captain Jim Phaserman, Commanding.

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