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I have a Star Trek Sim and have several senior staff positions open as well as secondary positions. Hoping that this is the right place to post this particular message, as I've been looking around a bit.


With the sudden death of their Captain and the transferal of their Executive Officer, the USS Tomcat was left under the command of the inexperienced Second Officer/Chief Counselor. Lt. Commander Lynn Stryker was only supposed to be filling in until a new captain could be found.


That was months ago.


Does she have what it takes to be the Commanding Officer of a Starship? Can a counselor really command the Akira class Starship known as the USS Tomcat?


In the wake of her appointment to the position of Commanding Officer, her crew has rallied behind her and together, they forge into the unknown.


Their primary mission, to explore the region. Their secondary mission, to patrol the Outer Rim and keep it's travelers safe from the not so new threat of the Orion Syndicate and other threats that surface.


Come be a part of the fun today!




USS Tomcat


Open Positions:


Chief Medical Officer

Chief of Security/Tactical

Chief Science Officer

Chief of Engineering


All Secondary positions are open.


You may send any questions or letters of interest to:


Thank you,

Captain Lynn Stryker

USS Tomcat

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