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Space: The Final Frontier

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I thought y'all might like seeing this.


I work in the Government Documents Department of a University library. Each month a member of our staff has to create a display pertaining to government documents. For the months of November/December of last year I chose to make a NASA display with a Star Trek theme. My boss submitted to and it was accepted by Minnesota State University in Mankato to be published on their Government Documents Displays web site.


There are numerous Trekkies/Trekkers in the library, so needless to say, the display was a hit. They were also very excited when it was published.


Here are the addresses to the display's image page and the Government Documents Displays home page:


Space: The Final Frontier image page:


Government Documents Displays home page:


Hope y'all enjoy.

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I'd like to share with you the inspiration for the display. It comes from NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe's speech at Maxwell School of Syracuse University, April 12, 2002.


"This is NASA's vision for the future. Our mandate is:


To improve life here,

To extend life to there,

To find life beyond


The NASA Mission:


To understand and protect out home planet

To explore the Universe and search for life

To inspire the next generation of explorers only NASA can."


Doesn't this sound familliar? Do you think he could possibly be a Trekkie/Trekker?


The Power Point slides that accompanied his speech can be viewed at the following addresses. Pages 5 & 6 are what appear in the center of the display. (Page 5 is especially beautiful.)

(pdf version)

(power point version)


The links to his entire speech and the accompaning slides can be found at:


I had a lot of fun researching the info for the display, and putting it together!

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