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Gary Phaserman

A Tribute to Baseball

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Okay, so I was listening to the radio the other night, and I heard Garth Brooks' Rodeo right after they announced the ChiSox are going to the series. In honor of this, I made a "Parody" of the song. I shortened it up a bit, and it's not all that great, but here are the lyrics. I plan on recording a vocals-only shortly, when I do, I'll post that.


His eyes are cold and restless

His wounds have almost healed

And she'd give half of Texas

Just to change the way he feels

She knows his love's in Chi-town,

And she knows he's gonna go

Well, it ain't no woman, flesh and blood

It's that damned old Baseball Game


Well, it's The Sox and the Cubs

It's a Beer with your buds

It's the roar of a Sunday crowd

It's the white in his knuckles

The gold in the glove

He'll win the next go 'round

It's in the Hoots and Claps

It's Baseball hats

It's gloves 'round a batted ball

It's the fans and the fame

And the joy and the pain

And they call the thing Baseball Game

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