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(Season 2) #22 The Counter-Clock Incident

What rating would you give "The Counter-Clock Incident"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "The Counter-Clock Incident"?

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#22 The Counter-Clock Incident

Episode 22

Written by: John Culver (Fred Bronson)

Directed by: Bill Reed

Airdate: Oct. 12, 1974

Stardate: 6770.3


Review Pending...


Voice Credits:


Regular Characters:

Captain Kirk William Shatner

Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy

Dr. McCoy DeForest Kelley

Scotty James Doohan

Lieutenent Sulu George Takei

Lieutenent Uhura Nichelle Nichols

Lieutenent Arex James Doohan


Guest Characters:

Commodore Robert April James Doohan

Dr. Sarah April Nichelle Nichols

Karla Five Nichelle Nichols

Karl Four James Doohan

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While escorting Commodore Robert April to Babel, the Enterprise is sucked into an alternate universe where the young are born old, and the old get younger


Anything about an alternate universe is always interesting, and it is no exception for The Counter-Clock Incident. This universe that they go to is the exact opposite of this universe. The nigh sky is white with black stars, people talk backwards and the older in age you are, the younger you become. Needless to say, this makes for a great story. Especially since it features Robert April, the first captain of the USS Enterprise. Naturally, he is happy that he is getting younger since he was on his way to retire, but soon discovers that he prefers his own age after all. A great story that did a wonderful job at ending this sadly short lived series.

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And it is now the last one that I've watched. I give it a 5. Solid writing, a little confusing, but very well done. The reversal of time happened a bit too fast, but it was forgivable for the story. And giving the April's that temptation once more worked well with good writing. Overall, a fantastic job on this one.

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