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# 12 The Time Trap

What rating would you give "#12 The Time Trap"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "#12 The Time Trap"?

    • 5. It's great, I loved it!
    • 4. It's good
    • 3. It's average
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#12 The Time Trap

Written by: Joyce Perry

Directed by: Hal Sutherland

Airdate: Nov. 24, 1973

Stardate: 5267.2


Review Pending...


Voice Credits:


Regular Characters:

Captain Kirk William Shatner

Mr. Spock Leonard Nimoy

Dr. McCoy DeForest Kelley

Scotty James Doohan

Lieutenent Sulu George Takei

Lieutenent Uhura Nichelle Nichols


Guest Characters:

Gabler James Doohan

Bell James Doohan

Commander Kuri George Takei

Captain Kor James Doohan

Kaz James Doohan

Klingon #1 George Takei

Xerius James Doohan

Devna Nichelle Nichols

Magen Nichelle Nichols

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The Enteprise and the Klingon Ship the Klothos are sent to an alternate universe populated by a variety of species who have pledge never to fight and would punish those who do


What makes this episode so interesting is that we see the return of Kor, the Klingon from the original series episode "Errand of Mercy". Unfortunately, he is voiced by James Doohan and not the actor who portrayed him in the television episode. To make matters worse, the he doesn't really look much like Kor. And another flaw is that this story is very similar to the Trek episode "Errand of Mercy" since once again they are not allowed to fight each other. With all of these flaws, it does have some good points. One of them being that they brought back my favorite Klingon Kor! Another being that the Klothos in this episode is mentioned in an episode of DS9. Overall, a good episode that would have been better if it wasn't so familiar.

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I gave it a 5. First off, I have to say that TAS really shows how good a voice actor James Doohan is.....and how less-than-average Takei and Nichols are. When they do a character, you know it's their voices. Not so much with Doohan, and to that extent, I can be forgiving for him doing Kor's voice. I must also say that even in animation, Orion women are HOT! But great storyline. Only confusing thing was we never really learned why the Klingons were there in the first place. Also, it would have been cool if the explosion had ruptured the pocket, allowing others to escape. No biggie though. Nice job overall in this episode. Worth watching again. Doesn't bother me that it was familiar...the familiarity was covered up nicely enough to work again.

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5 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I loved the entire episode, all the TOS aliens make an appearance and actual sheer drama escaping the Time Trap with the Klingons!

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