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One Small Step

What rating would you give "One Small Step"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "One Small Step"?

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Production: 228

Season: 6 Episode: 8

DVD Disc: 2

Air Date: 11.17.1999

Stardate: 53292.7


Review Pending...



Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran as Chakotay

Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres

Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris

Ethan Phillips as Neelix

Robert Picardo as The Doctor

Tim Russ as Tuvok

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim


Guest Cast:

Phil Morris as Lt. John Kelly


Creative Staff:

Director: Robert Picardo

Written By: Mike Wollaeger & Jessica Scott


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Now this is a good episode! Voyager finds an anomaly which swallowed a small NASA ship in 2032. By my account this is the first instance at hinted feelings between Chakotay and Seven. They start out at each other's throats, but how the experience changed Seven, I think really impressed Chakotay. This is a nice new development.

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