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Death Wish

What rating would you give "Death Wish"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "Death Wish"?

    • 5. It's great, I loved it!
    • 4. It's good
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    • 2. It's not that good
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Production: 130

Season: 2 Episode: 18

DVD Disc: 5

Air Date: 02.19.1996

Stardate: 49301.2


Review Pending...



Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway

Robert Beltran as Chakotay

Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres

Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris

Ethan Phillips as Neelix

Robert Picardo as The Doctor

Tim Russ as Tuvok

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim

Jennifer Lien as Kes


Guest Cast:

John de Lancie as Q

Gerrit Graham as Q2

Peter Dennis as Isaac Newton

Maury Ginsberg as M. Ginsberg

Jonathan Frakes as William Thomas Riker


Creative Staff:

Director: James L. Conway

Teleplay By: Michael Piller

Story By: Shawn Piller


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Q's first Voyager episode, and Riker was in it! There was also another Q who wanted to kill himself. This is a good funny/sad episode.



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5. A little uneasy about how de Lancie had aged by the time this episode had rolled around. Didn't look like his former self.


Loved the analogous representation of life in the continuum. Great depiction.


The scene I liked best though, and I REALLY wish they had done more with the possibilities weighing in with Janeway and co. The scene where de Lancie Q dangles the worm on the hook for Janeway. Rule in the continuum's favor, and *poof*, they'd be orbiting Earth again, reunited with their loved ones. I really wish they'd done more to show that this really would have been a serious temptation for Janeway. It seemed obvious to me that that HAD to come up at some point, and they should have dwelt more heavily on that.


But a 5 nonetheless.

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I never liked the Q, but i liked this ep. So it earns a 5 from me. A great parable story about "assisted suicide" aka euthanasia. Strong ending and great acting make this one of Voyager's best eps.

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