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What rating would you give "Q-Less"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "Q-Less"?

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Season: 1

Episode #: 407

Episode Name: Q-Less


Director: Paul Lynch

Teleplay By: Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Story By: Hannah Louise Shearer

Original Air Date: 02.07.1993



Lieutenant Dax and an Ensign return from the gamma Quadrant and are trapped in their runabout after it has lost all power. The senior staff report to the runabout pad in order to free their crewmates from the runabout. As O'Brien begins work to free the trapped crewmembers Dr. Bashir's scans reveal that there is a third life life sign inside the runabout. O'Brien is able to free the occupants and recognizes the third person as Vash, an archeaologist that he had met while serving about the U.S.S Enterprise. O'Brien and Sisko begin to wonder how Vash had come to be in the Gamma Quadrant two years before the Worm hole had been discovered. Then Q is seen standing near by unseen by the crewmembers.


Sisko becomes suspicious and is determined to learn more about Vash and how she ended up in the Gamma Quadrant. After Vash has secured her Gamma Quadrant artifacts in the assayers office, Sisko begins to question her on the promenade. Vash is unwilling to provide him with a definitive answer about how she ended up in the Gamma Quadrant. Sisko then informs her that the Daystrom Institue is anxious to hear about her experiences and wish for her to return to Earth. Sisko agrees to arrange for free passage for Vash to return home. The station then becomes plagued by sudden power loses, which Dax informes the crew was the same thing that had caused the problem with her runabout.



We then see Q appearing in Vash's quarters in an attempt to pursuade her to rejoin him and see the galaxy. Their conversation is interupted by Quark who wishes to make a business arrangement with Vash to sell the artifacts that she gained from the Gamma Quadrant at auction. Vash is then visited by Dr. Bashir and she agrees to have dinner with him, but the dinner plans are thwarted when Q causes Bashir to become to tired to meet Vash for the dinner.


While Q is in the replimat he is recognized by O'Brien who believes that Q must be responsible for the power fluctuations aboard the station. O'Brien then reports his suspicions to the Sisko and the other members of the senior staff.


While the senior staff attempt to stop the power outages Vash and Quark negotiate an agreement to sell all of the artifacts to the highest bidder. Sisko then enters Quark to question Vash concerning Q and the power outages. Q then appears and confronts Sisko in a boxing ring. Q becomes intrigued when Sisko hits him, as he comments that Sisko is more easily provoked than Picard had been.


The nest day the power outages continue and they begin to experience hull fracturs. Sisko then begins to question his assumption that these problems were caused by Q. They then flood the station with small amounts of tridium gas in order to locate the source of the problems.



While Quark and Vash are holding their auction the senior staff bring the main generators online in order to make it easier to trace the problems that the station has been experiencing. They are able to trace the source of the power drains to the promenade and more specifically Quarks. The crew members then find that one of the artifacts, a glowing geode that was broght back by Vash is the root of the problems. The artifact is then transported off the station just as it explodes reveiling an energy creature that then moves away from the station. After the creature is off the station the power outages cease and life returns to normal.




Avery Brooks as Captain Benjamin Sisko

Rene Auberjonois as Odo

Terry Farrell as Jadzia Dax

Cirroc Lofton as Jake Sisko

Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien

Armin Shimerman as Quark

Alexander Siddig as Julian Bashir

Nana Visitor as Kira Nerys


Guest Cast:

John de Lancie as Q

Jennifer Hetrick as Vash

Van Epperson as Bajoran Clerk

Tom McCleister as Kolos

Laura Cameron as Bajoran Woman

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Q-Less was awesome. Sisko didn't take any crap from Q. Q didn't think that Cmdr. Sisko was any fun because Sisko didn't bend to his will. :laugh:

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Q + Vash = a 1 rating. If Q was minus this ep, then it would've gotten a four. Nice line from Q though "You hit me, Picard never hit me!" Sisko's reponse "I'm not Picard". Otherwise a dud.


LOL - not a Q fan, I take it?

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This one's not a five because it was painfully obvious what the cause of the woes was, even though I didn't figure out what it was (and more callbacks to Encounter At Farpoint). Because I had it figured out by the time the lights flickered in Ops the second time I knew what the problem was. Still with Q and Vash, it's bound to be good. I really don't remember O'Brien having ever met Q, even though he was in EAF, he didn't meet him directly..... maybe in Q Who? Don't really recall. Otherwise really good episode. 4.

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