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The Battle

What rating would you give The Battle?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give The Battle?

    • 5. It?s great, I loved it!
    • 4. It?s good.
    • 3. It?s average.
    • 2. It?s not that good.
    • 1. I hated it.

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Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season: 1

Episode #: 8

Production #: 110

Episode Name: The Battle

Original Air Date: 11.16.87


Ferengi Daimon Bok presents Picard with his former ship, the salvaged USS Stargazer. The gift is not the friendly overture it first seems when a connection is discovered between it and Picard’s headaches and delusions.




Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes as William Thomas Riker

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Denise Crosby as Natasha "Tasha" Yar

Michael Dorn as Worf

Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

Brent Spiner as Data

Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher


Guest Cast:


Frank Corsentino as Daimon Bok

Doug Warhit as Kazago

Robert Towers as Rata


Director: Robert Bowman

Teleplay By: Herbert Wright

Story By: Larry Forrester


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DaiMon Bok

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Ahhhhh, now THIS is what we needed.


A superb episode.


The way the Ferengi captain was messing with Picard's mind was excellent.


This episode has the Stargazer and the "Picard Maneuver" and an excellent sequence where the Enterprise literally "catches" the Stargazer before Picard can attack.


It reminded me of a "Vietnam Flashback" story, where Picard is totally lost in the memory.


Fantastic episode.


I give it a rating of 5

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I'm giving it a 5.


And I don't know for a villian race that are supposed to be such failures. 2 episodes featuring the Ferengi... and 2 pretty good episodes.

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