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Vox Sola

What rating would you give "Vox Sola"?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give "Vox Sola"?

    • 5. It's great, I loved it!
    • 4. It's good
    • 3. It's average
    • 2. It's not that good
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Production: 022

Season: 1 Episode: 21

DVD Disc: 6

Air Date: 05.01.2002

Mission Date: Unknown


Review not yet available.



Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer

John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox

Jolene Blalock as T'Pol

Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed

Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather

Linda Park as Hoshi Sato

Connor Trinneer as Charles "Trip" Tucker III


Guest Cast:

Vaughn Armstrong as Kreetassan Captain

Joseph Will as Rostov

Renee Goldsberry as Kelly


Creative Staff:

Director: Roxann Dawson

Teleplay By: Fred Dekker

Story By: Rick Berman & Brannon Braga and Fred Dekker


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After a failed attempt at a first contact dinner with the Kreetassans, a jelly like alien sneaks aboard the Enterprise.


“Vox Sola” is about a foreign alien and it’s wanting to go home. What makes this alien interesting is that it bonds with the people it comes in contact with, and they become one. This episode also shows the recreation of the Enterprise once again. The crew enjoys a movie while Trip and Archer enjoy a game of water polo over beer and pretzels. Overall, “Vox Sola” is very enjoyable and never dull.



***** out of *****

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Other than the actual alien itself that envelops the crew, a great episode.


A couple things that make this episode so enjoyable: first, Archer and Tucker are out of commission. They've been responsible for coming up with a lot of the solutions so far, and now, they need others to come up with the solution. It shows that even a captain relies on the entirety of the crew with his/her very life too. Nothing against Bakula or Trinnear; on the contrary, this vulnerable side to them makes their character's all the more likable. Second, the odd pairings needed in finding solutions. T'Pol and Hoshi, the scientifically minded and the linguistics diplomat, have to work together to decode the language (By the way, Blalock was MUCH more believable as a Vulcan this time, too). Malcolm, the man of destruction, has to work with Dr. Phlox, the physical reconstructionist, to find a way to keep the creature at bay. On a side note, Phlox was disappointing. That the life of a sample tissue would be more important than his shipmates, especially given that he himself could be next to get absorbed... it's ridiculous. Meanwhile, Travis the chauffeur is left holding the bag to patch things up diplomatically with the offended humanoid aliens. In this way, it's good how they got all the major characters heavily involved with this. Also, the usage of Kelly and Rostov was refreshing. Let the redshirts be a part of the storyline, instead of thinking them expendable. There aren't starbases yet, and there are only 83 of you. Save every life you can.


The web-alien itself was the drawback of the episode. Weak writing of it going home instead of having to be killed in a matter of survival instinct, even if it is an intelligent species. That was big enough an irritant to bring it down. It's a strong 4, but not good enough for a five.

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