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well yesterday at work a unusual thing happened, they had me, the NEWBIE cook, and from the responses i heard apparently it was a hit. made taco salad for lunch, then marinated chicken, twice baked potatoes, corn, and biscuits for dinner. now i know i can cook, but my menu is rather limited, any recipes from anyone? simple, and inexpensive. our lunch and dinner costs are four bucks a person per meal. so when i cooked yesterday i went eleven dollars over, which comes out of my pocket. but it was neat, i started doing the dishes after we were done eating dinner and the lt saw that i was doint it, and got right up and took over, "when you cook, you dont clean" it was cool, but i felt really awkward watching the lt clean and not me. but i do love my house, firehouse that is. so any recipes would be cool.

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On a whim I googled the term "firehouse recipes" and here are some links:


Firehouse Chef website


Dayton Firefighters' Recipes


El Dorado Hills Firefighters' Recipes


South Bend Firefighters' Recipes


Glendale Firefighters Recipes


Recipes from Tabasco's Cook and Ladder Competition


Wildland Firefighters Family Recipes


Kern County Firefighters Recipes


Windors Firefighters Recipes


Some like it hot: Sweet victory for Braintree firefighters, who win charity chili cook-off third year in a row


Braintree Firefighters' Chili


5 pounds ground beef

2 pounds ground pork

1 No. 10 can tomato sauce

2 large sweet onions, diced

2 green peppers, diced

2 red peppers, diced

5 total of habanero, jalapeno and ancho chili peppers, diced

¼ cup cocoa powder (Dutch-processed)

3 cans red kidney beans


Sauté meat. In separate pan, sauté onion, peppers and chilis until soft and translucent, then add meat and tomato sauce and continue to simmer for 1 hour. Add kidney beans and cocoa powder, simmer for 30 minutes.


Serve with crusty bread. Tastes even better if you make it a day ahead.


from Braintree Firefighters' website


There are also recipe books by some firehouse chefs:


Cooking With the Firehouse Chef by Keith Young


New Firefighters' Cookbook by John Sineno


Do you think I got carried away? LOL

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I checked out some of the links.. got to check more of them out(but so far the recipes look really good!!).



And cptwright... sounds like good meals you cooked! Especially the marinated chicken one!

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well i cooked again yesterday at work. it went over really well. i made chicken parm, red, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits. for lunch made sausages, with suated peppers and onions, i kinda like cooking. but alas im not supposed to really be cooking seeing that im a probie. but a few of the guys want me to be the cook. made a steak for the cheif too, he doesnt like chicken, being the cheif, i made hime something else. he enjoyed that, and even said that the chicken parm looked and smelled so good he was tempted to try it. so i guess thats a really good thing.

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Last time I cooked for work, I made something called a Peporchini Roast. real simple. Take a roast (Or roasts) and put 'em in a slow cooker with Peporchinis. the number of 'Chini's is perportional to how spicy you want it. Make sure you have a meat thermometer, and cook it over a medium to low heat with a cup or two of water until about 170 degrees. depending on the size of the roast, you can feed 4-8 people. goes good with mashed potatoes, french fries, and on sandwiches.

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