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USS Holland-A

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Hello fellow startrek fans,


My name is Captain Geraldine Partere. I'm the Commanding Officer of the USS Holland-A in Pathfinder Alliance.


The USS Holland-A needs new members. A lot of new, active, members who are willing to post a lot to get this RPG in distress up and running again.


We are an Role Play by E-Mail set in the year 2386. This Intrepid Class Starship's main mission is "Space Exploration" en "Science" but we do "Resque" too and any other kind of mission suitable for this ship. We are currently even fighting the Borg.


There are a lot of positions open. If you are interested i would like to direct you to our webpage or mail to If you e-mail us please mention wheter you are interested in de USS Holland-A or in a position with the USS Holland-A Marines Department. The Marines have their own website too: If you want to join them you will have to mail to, or to


Whether you want to join the Ship or the Marines allways mention 3 positions you are interested in.


I hope to see a lot of new members soon.




Captain Geraldine Partere

Commandinf Officer

USS Holland-A



This is the USS Holland-A

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