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Nana Quotes

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On the Intendant


"When I originally read the script I went: 'Wow. Oh boy...' I did not get it that I would be doing both sides of the dialoge."

"I used Kira’s core personality and messed with her ego and a few key elements of her life that would have changed its direction. She’s a spoiled brat with an ego gone awry."

"I am very shy and I was not about to do a real nude scene so I asked for some cone things they have. They were horrible, made like the ones they put in the street. My makeup artist, Camille Calvet gave me a bottle of glue to put them on with and when I came back she asked me where the bottle was. I told her that I had used all of the glue because I wanted to make sure my cones stayed put. Camille said, ‘ You were only supposed to use a few drops we are never gonna get that stuff off!’ In the meantime our crew was great. They made the bath nice and hot for me and put orange oil into the water so that it would smell nice and soften my skin. So I get in and we start rehearsing and all of a sudden I felt the cones strting to pop off. Camille was standing nearby so I whispered to her, ‘Camille, what do you use to take the glue off ?’ and she replied, ‘Orange oil.’ "



On Kira


"The original uniform wasn’t terribly becoming. I had no idea I would be in a miltary uniform six weeks after giving birth!"

"To Kira Dukat is like Hitler. She’s not ever going to get over that. She can never forgive him and that’s important to me. Kira may have started to see Cardassians as individuals, but she will always hate Dukat."

"I would have liked my character to make the point that only a few years earlier, Dukat’s wanting me would have meant that he would have had me and that I wouldn’t have been able to do a thing about it. It shouldn’t have been seen as a ‘cute’ moment. It was actually a horrifying moment, one that would make Kira feel disgust and panic." (regarding "Civil Devence")



On filming


"I just keep aware of what the moves are going to be and rehearse them and rehearse them and rehearse them with the actors and when it comes time to filming just.. hit them in the stomach." (regarding fight scenes)

"Colm and I were sick to our stomachs. We were seriously wondering if we were going into heat prostration. It was the perfect location for Cardasia IV because it was like hell." (regarding filming "the Homecoming" on location)

"The most difficult task is to maintain the level of work I want to do in the twentieth hour of the day. It’s very long hours and if I do three shows back to back that are heavy on my character, it can feel like some kind of a marathon."

"The most important thing is to get over the fact that you have makeup on your face and not let that do your work for you."

"The first time we finished one of those scenes I took the bandage off and threw it away assuming that they had a whole box of them but they were custom made." (regarding the bandage on her nose in "Past Tense")



On Various Episodes


Duet - "I came away different, with a different perspective. I grew up in New York City and racism is a subject that I am familiar with, but I never had to deal with it in any real way."

Second Skin - "I was a prisoner who was caught and trapped and so I automatically went back to the times when I had been a prisoner not so long ago."



Nana on lots of other stuff:




"I don't get what my signiture is supposed to mean if we haven't had some kind of exchange."

"The point of writing my name to you is that I see who you are, you see who I am... and that's what it's about."

Kissing quotes



"Um, but I guess that someone had to end up with Ezri. Whether it was the Intendant or Worf . . . the poor child she was passed amongst us all and it was, 'If you want, I guess . . .'" - Sent in by Shauna Kayleen. From a con in Salt Lake City, June 1999

"I’ve said this before-a lot of people were asking about that-and I’ve said that a love scene is the same thing as killing . . . as shooing them or something."- Sent in by Shauna Kayleen. From a con in Salt Lake City, June 1999

Nana: "It was again, it was sticky. The awful feeling of rubber sticking to each other, so there was that one moment of, 'Pwah' when we parted, my nose and his face. So it was difficult. But only with Rene who I feel such a huge, a huge... "

(Audience laughs) Rene: "I did nothing, they're listening. What, you're gonna get me in trouble."

Nana: "A huge connection, there's just...(laughing) You know the rubber really didn't matter in the end".

Rene: "It really is, as I've said before, the true definition of safe sex. It really wasn't very sensual." - Sent in by Mirrani. From a con in Valley Forge, August 1999

Names of the cast



"If you notice, everyone on on Deep Space Nine has this weird.. I mean well... weird names. It's like they chose us for that. Except Terry Farrel but she makes it in the weirdness anyway. She fits right in with us."


Visitor's Space

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I like Kira alot just like you that is so cool that you have some of her quotes on here. I would like more to post on here though.

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Nana seems to be one of the more quotable of the Trek stars. Kira also had some great lines, wonder if Nana had anything to do with any of them.

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