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Tellarites are basically humanoid, with a coarser skin texture and more facial and body hair than Humans. Their hair, covering all but the frontal face and the hands, is not as thick as animal fur, but is more reminiscent of an extremely hairy person.


Their home worlds have a thinner atmosphere than Terra, leading to their overdeveloped nasal openings, which have been unkindly (and sometimes insultingly) compared to the snouts of Terran swine.


They have a roll of abdominal fat that makes all Tellarites appears to be portly.


Tellarites are slightly stronger and more hardy than Humans, but their appearance and personality combine to give them a lower charisma.


Members of the Tellarite race are racially suspicious, argumentative and brash, at least by Human standards. Those who trust too much or give in too easily are consider weak fools in Tellarite society. Surprisingly, some Tellarites make good diplomats - they do not give in easily. Tellarites enjoy a good argument, and merchant's bazar on a Tellarite world is a very lively place, indeed!


Tellarites are fond of food and drink. Fortunately, alcohol has a little adverse effect on them, only making them more stubborn. Nevertheless, they are capable of going twice as long without food or water as the average Human, living off their fatty deposit for quite a while.



Tellar is the home planet of TELLARITES, called Miracht in the tellarian language. Tellar is a class M planet V out of nine in the 61 Cygni system. It is a medium temperate world with 53% surface water, and a gravity of 1.25 g. The population is actually around 2 milliard people. The planet circumpherence is about 26.700 Km. Andor has two moon orbiting around, called Kera and Phinda.


This has been created by ANDREA IZZOTTI on 21 JANUARY 1996

Last Updated : 5 December 2002

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