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The Asteroid Nanavisitor

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Astronomers, Rejoice!

An asteroid discovered by astronomer W. K. Y. Yeung has been named after Nana.

The IAU (International Astronomical Union) approved the name. The official

citation is as follows:


  (26733) Nanavisitor

  2001 HC16. Discovered 2001 April 22 by W. K. Y. Yeung at Desert Beaver.

  Nana Visitor (1957- ) is a talented actress who started her career on the

  stage, but most of her work appeared on television. She is most famous

  for playing the role of Major Kira Nerys in the Star Trek series

  Deep Space Nine. (M 44111)


The asteroid Nanavisitor is 2 to 5km, and therefore is too small to be seen

by the naked eye. Orbital and positional information can be found at

Harvard's Minor Planet Ephemeris Service website (type in Nanavisitor in

the search box).


For more information, Check out  Harvard's website


Isn't this just so cool ? :sly:

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Nana Visitor


She definately deserves that honour. To have an asteroid named after her.


What a cool actress she was in DS9, with an awesome character.


:assimilated: :blink: :unsure:

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You'll get no argument from me King..She was great on DS9..She played such an awesome interesting character..And I thought it was so cool that they gave her the honor of having an asteroid named after her...Awesome.. :assimilated:

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She's amazing.


I personally think she played the strongest female character ever in Star Trek.


The development of her character was one of the best things about DS9, and that's saying something because that show was absolutely brilliant.


The scary thing is, we may not have had her in that show, it could have been Ro Laren!!!!!


ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! :blink: :assimilated: :unsure:

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