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I'm going home!

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It's funny in a way as I was born only about 10 miles away from here in Ohio, yet home is in Tampa Florida. I've never seen the home there but in pictures and the things my Mother discribes in her e-mails. Home is not actually a place on a map for me as I think that anywhere my folks live is home, my home.


Daniel knows that I've been sick and in pain with the Endo and the Lupron may have some pretty bad side effects and I think he wants me to see my folks again. I haven't seen my kid brother, Phil, in 4 or 5 years nor have I seen the twins (the twins are my parents and Phil's dogs) in that length of time.


I'll be flying to Tampa and I'm nervous, a little scared, and yes even excited about it as I've never flown anywhere before. Daniel says I'll like it and if I do, I can visit my folks as often as I like. :drool: So is there any seasoned flyers out there? Is there any thing I should be cautious of or lookout for?

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