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Uss Nano Desperately Needs Crew!

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I am the Uss Nano CO, or in laymans terms the Captain. We are just starting up and need crew (experienced or not).

Here are some important details.....


U.S.S. Nano

NCC - 67435

Sovereign Class Ship


The Fleet Homepage


The USS Nano Website


Commanding Officer: John Knack (me)

Executive Officer: Raja Izzuddin (Raja62)

Battalion Commander: Hiring.

Chief of the Boat: Hiring.


We need a battalion commander desperately and a Chief Of the Boat desperately.

But even more we need a


Chief Medical officer,


Chief Engineer,


Second Officer,




Captain's Yeoman,


Chief Flight Control Officer



Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer




Flight Control Officer




Chief Shuttle Pilot




Assistant Chief Shuttle Pilot



Shuttle Pilot



Chief Operations Officer




Assistant Chief Operations Officer




Operations Officer




Flight Deck Operations Officer



Chief Communications Officer




Communications Officer


Without at least the head from each departmant, we can't start (excluding marine detachment).


Here are some fleet details as the Nano is part of this fleet:


Welcome to Dragon Fleet! Dragon Fleet provides defense, diplomacy, and exploration. Dragon Fleet is set in 2380, one year after the incident at Romulus. Dragon Fleet is divided into two task forces, these Task Forces are Eagle and Phoenix. The final component of the fleet is Shadow Operations, the highly specialized intelligence gathering unit. Dragon Fleet is a play by email (PBeM) simulation. Dragon Fleet accepts all players no matter what experience you have. But will you serve the fleet with a sense of duty, courage, and honor? Are you up to the challenge? Will you join to make new friends and to have an experience you will not forget?


Any stuff need clearing up? then Pm me or email me!


Thanks again, Alexander32

John Knack

Owner/Creator/Captain of the Uss Nano


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