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Eddie Paskey Chat

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Saturday 10th, at 7:00PM ET, we had a Trek-News-Talk chat with Eddie Paskey!


Eddie Paskey primarily played Lt. Leslie on Star Trek The Original Series. He has played in the majority of all TOS episodes.


You can vist his homepage HERE


The Trek-News-Talk session was very enjoyable. We all thank him for coming!


The Trek-News-Talk Transcript

Can Be Now Be Viewed HERE.




Here is a list of all TOS episodes he has appeared in:


The Deadly Years

The Squire of Gothos

And the Children Shall Lead

Space Seed

The Enemy Within

This Side of Paradise

The Omega Glory

The Alternative Factor

The Enterprise Incident

The Naked Time


The Conscience of the King

The City on the Edge of Forever

Mudd's Women

The Troubles with Tribbles

Operation: Annihilate!

Balance of Terror

Where No Man Has Gone Before

A Piece of the Action

Shore Leave


The Devil in the Dark

The Man Trap

Who Mourns for Adonis

Charlie X

The Doomsday Machine

Dagger of the Mind

The Changeling


Bread and Circuses

Assignment: Earth

The Immunity Syndrome

Spectre of the Gun

By Any Other Name

Elaan of Troyius

Return to Tomorrow

Tomorrow is Yesterday

The Return of the Archons

Wolf in the Fold



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