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Is it me...or are the Romulans one of the most contridicted species in trek? I mean...


Who are the real Romulans?


The ones from TOS?

The ones from the "Rihannsu" Series by Diane Duane

The ones from "The Way of D'era" by Unicorn Games

The ones portrayed in TNG?

Or the ones from Nemesis?


I mean...trying to portray a Romulan in a gaming group can at times be difficult :tear: Which one is the right one?

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The Romulans are a rather confusing people. This may just be due to changes in the course of time and the social evolution of the people, so it is a possibility that they are all accurate. However, it is rather confusing in places. Than again though, one can never really judge a group as a whole. Humans have interesting diversities too. For example, look at Christian history. Are they the small persecuted group of the first century, are they the ruthless warriors from the crusades, are they the crazy who scream and shove the Bible down peoples throats? They are all of these, and none of them. I am a Christian and I fit in none of the above groups. Perhaps it is the same with Romulans. Different things are showing different sides of the people.

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