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    In books and movies I enjoy fantasy, anime, and science fiction. As for activities, I enjoy astronomy, robotics, mathematics, and chemistry.
  1. Where did you go?

  2. Here here! I love video games although I do not play them very often. My best friend gave me an N64 though, so I have no more excuses not to play more often.
  3. Krispy Kreme has been my favorite ever since they opened a branch in my hometown in North Carolina. Since moving, I have had both and Krispy Kreme still is best in my opinion.
  4. My computer is a laptop so I just use the touchpad. It is alright, except when I Photoshop stuff and then I wish for a tablet.
  5. You Are 28% Intuitive You're definitely an intuitive person, but you never go on your gut alone. You tend to be more analytical than intuitive - possibly because your intuition has failed you in the past. When you don't have enough facts to make a decision, you don't mind listening to your gut to figure out what to do. This is surprisingly accurate.
  6. You Are Most Like George W. Bush So what if you're not exactly popular? You still rule the free world. And while you may be quite conservative now, you knew how to party back in the day! Kennedy's description sounds more like me...
  7. Spelling has always been important to me, even on the internet. People have gotten annoyed at me for IMing in full words before. However, I recognize that it is necessary at times, in chat rooms or (although this is not internet) text messages, where one must only have a certain number of characters. The only place it really bothers me is in serious, long stories. I enjoy fanfiction and the like, but I will not read it if it is full of spelling errors. Other than that, while it annoys me, I can generally look past it in an informal context.
  8. I have only ever seen him as Data, and yes, I think Data is hot.
  9. Single, and not planning on changing that for a while.
  10. Any sort of Japanese food is my favorite, though I will try anything. Oddly enough, I tend to dislike Chinese...
  11. I confess, I do Facebook. I mostly use it to keep up with old contacts. I cannot get a MySpace or anything because I cannot keep up with blogs, so Facebook is nice.
  12. In France, British English is taught in the in modern day schools, so most French people sound more English if they do not sound French when speaking. Perhaps the same holds true in the twenty-fourth century, and Picard is so used to speaking English he has lost the French part of his accent when not actually speaking French.
  13. I only own season six (thus far), although I own all of TOS.
  14. My dad used to (and still does, occasionally) call me Pumpkin Face. I have no clue where that one came from. My friends used to shorten my name to Val, which was annoying enough until they started calling me Val Pak. Amazingly enough, I actually started to like it. :blush 2: