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Found 1 result

  1. I just read a supposed synopsis of Planet of the Titans ok maybe it’s a little long for a synopsis. On the other hand, Wikipedia offers an even more detailed story line. So, ok what can I say I truly was an aficionado of Star Terk TOS. Heck in the beginning I felt Next Gen would not live up to its predecessor’s accomplishments Sci-fi wise… But hey eyes wide open I have reached a corollate conclusion... Yes, they each do have their own stake via which to claim the title as best in group. Individual captains notwithstanding, at least in those two series offerings, TOS ended up being centered on Captain Kirk as the savior of humanity and by extension the Universe itself. In my opinion his ascension from Starfleet’s Captain of Captain’s; to a god himself. Which is why I find myself not sure I would be all that interested in taking in this new movie offering. Which again in my opinion proports to take James Tiberius Kirk from a god among gods, to the god of gods