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  1. The Welcommitee is usually great expectation-Likewise
  2. Would you like to ride this fantastic hydrofoil craft
  3. Sheikhengku

    I'm new

    Three Cheers 4 you,my dear crew of Starfleet
  4. Welcome-Will you be my friend?
  5. I really loved Wendys Chicken Club Snacks and their membership discount club just like Dominos Piza Foood Gold Mellinium card
  6. In the begining of borg creation,she was weird but at last she is an elegant lady drone i always love and loved back from her..
  7. Sheikhengku

    Shore Leave

    I loved to watch Star Trek:Shore Leave-I Do really needed a shore leave A unrefusingly amust amusement dan motivational times.
  8. I don't know ths star trek crew,best regards to him and his family members
  9. Must be a great and wonderful book :) <3