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  1. hmm.. not allowed to use one... plus they when i'm in the room when my friends did one it kept asking for me to leave cause i was too 'holy' or had too much 'light' energy... plus the whole entrapment thing I don't like... and plus it's your body which is moving the dail... so if you are moving it, but you aren't making it move... then you have something in your head!.... I prefer to keep my head to myself and not let things take control of me... but then again there is temptation... i will most likely give in at some point and the board will most likely try to kill itself. And ben with the screaming thing, I don't think you should expermiment with burning it.
  2. for a second there I thought that you were going to say that your brother was dead.... i'm an independant sorta
  3. very good ben, now I get to find out the scientific names for my fears...
  4. right now a grape energy drink which has 8 calories...
  5. I'm more of a muscian performer, but I do compose, I also paint water color and draw in ink and pencil, no good at art though but i've been able to sell water colors. i also write at times cause it's funnnnnnnnnn!.... I love my bass... i play contrabass (the big violin one) and the electric bass guitar... it's awesome!! and I get paid sometimes too...
  6. I do not want to be stuck in a turbo lift with Wesley, Kirk, or deanna... Uurrrggghhh!! wesley "I'm smart then you nah nah " Kirk "aaah... Janie... there... is... a.... gremlin.... outside... the... turbo....lift!" Deanna "I sense that you are annoyed..."
  7. i'm arround 5'6 5'7 not sure though so i put 5'6 to be safe with
  8. I don't like to eat while on the computer... I may have water near me or something... or a meal my mom told me to eat... or tea... i'm addicted to tea... most likely tea or water... right now... a box of holy items but you can eat those...
  9. I'm on a posting craze, duh... oh and talking to Ben sort of
  10. hmm.. I always have torubles getting into a mood for posting... mainly cause I tend to get off topic... and have nothing to think of except... music...
  11. After running in circles for three hours and singing 'they're coming to take me away hah-ha' Janie has to fight off the men in the clean white coats. she then uses a frying pan to gaurd herself from them sedating her. "You need to come with us" they say pushing the needle closser "Bastards" she mutters hitting one over the head with the frying pan 'we will help you" said another who was imediatly kicked in a sensative area. "you madman... I mean madwoman...' said a doctor. "for once sir, you are correct' smash! the last mental help person was knocked out. "now about those vampires...' she muttered looks like the hospital is going to get some attendents in for concustions.. or something
  12. ooo I'm good at getting off topic... I'm surprise i haven't been kicked out for getting off topic. friends hate it that I can change the topics easily in digustion or something... it's very peaceful at night. I have lip gloss. THE APPLE OF LiFE!!!!!!!!