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  1.     *  If you own a machine which runs Unix, Ultrix, Linux, FreeBSD, or any other such operating system, you might be a geek.
    I have worked with one that runs with UNIX.


    * You might be a geek if you can call more than three Star Trek episodes (any series) by name, or if you can name the entire cast of any of the shows.

    * You might even be a geek if you even knew there was more than one series.

    ummm, well I am a Trek fan so I guess that answers these, LOL.


    * You might be a geek if you chose voluntarily to go to grad school primarily out of interest for the subject you were studying.
    :yahoo: I will be. Still at the University & Comm. College level right now.


    * You might be a geek if you own an autographed copy of Kerninghan and Ritchie's The C Programming Language.
    not autographed, and gave it to my little brother...guess that still kinda counts.


    * If your favourite number is irrational or imaginary, you might be a geek.
    well none of my favorites have a whole number as a result of taking the square root. Well, one creates a whole number.. the rest result in a value containing a decimal.


    * If you automatically assume “coax” has two syllables, you might be a geek.
    It depends on how you gotta use it in a sentence.



    If you know what SETI stands for.

    You know that Microsoft is the spawn of Satan

    If you know what ASCII stands for

    You understand what a tachyon is

    If you know how to spell antidisestablishmentarianism in less than a second

    Phrase your essay responses in the form of a question

    :yes: to all.


    Well maybe it would take a little over a second to spell that. I actually can spell deoxyribonucleic acid a bit faster faster. But then DNA IS a little shorter so that would be why. :yahoo:


    -you've studied a language for fun (bonus if it was a sci-ri or fantasy lanuage, such as Klingon or Elfish)

    -you've built your own computer

    -you've found an old trashed computer and fixed it for fun

    -you understand ALL of the technobabble in Star Trek

    :yes: Though my brother does the part about trashed computers on a more regular basis, but I have personally in the past




    Oh good grief... I guess this makes it very obvious why I got over 40% on that geek test :blush 2:




    I got higher... :blush 2: