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  1. happy birthday data! :D

  2. Data

    Best Director

    Jonathon Frakes mainly because of First Contact. Was just a great overall movie.
  3. I thought I had seen that animation before.
  4. Although this is old news. I say way to go Patrick Stewart.
  5. lmao... so VBG this is visit down memory lane. Im a Trekkie. I think Trekker is something some Yuppie came up with.
  6. Data


    Wow, a lot of replies... Thank you all for the welcome backs. :)
  7. Data


    Hmm I hope that goes up after this post.
  8. Data


    Hmm I hope that goes up after this post.
  9. Data


    I come on and get a nice pm from VBG. Ive been a member for 6 years... Its been a long time since Ive been here. I saw the movie and loved it. Also, Im a Founder... Awesome.
  10. Wow, that means my 5th anniversary, as a member, is coming up soon. Happy Anniversary Star Trek Fans.
  11. Oh come on, Data should be President. Yes, he was gone too. But what the heck. Who would be more logical than Data?
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all at .
  13. Ahh, if she didn't bother to come see you. You probably should not waste your Christmas trying to see her. Particularly when your funds are low. Yes, your own family is more important. Maybe another time.
  14. That uniform is so not Star Fleet. Why can't they use something close to what was used in Enterprise?
  15. He didn't quite go postal. But maybe the Postal Service will take him. Then he could go postal.