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  1. fenriz275

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    By the end of the second week, the alien count was in the thousands. They had taken over the entire barn and all the computers, generators and electronic equipment had to be moved over to the new loft in the new barn. No one wanted to sleep in the barn with them anymore. The constant squeeking and humming was driving everyone nuts. All the adults were ready to open the doors and let them run free but all the children wanted them to stay. This was a house divided. Lida was still trying to teach the Mother of them all to speak English so she could get some answers but by this time the little female looked as though she were close to the end of her life. None of the other aliens could speak. It appeared to Lida that perhaps this female was a "Breeder". Maybe sent here to multiply then die. But Lida didn't tell anyone yet of her suspicions.
  2. A friend gave me this link and I want to share it with all of you. After you view "Relationships" also look at "The Taxi Ride", The Mouse" and "The Butterfly Lesson" I know it all sounds "Girly" but once you've viewed them you feel differently. http://www.wtv-zone.com/califPamela/relationships.html
  3. ^ ^ :P Is this a 'Dutch' Christmas Poem???? :P :P :P
  4. A few hours later, at both Feniz's and Jeanway's back doors was a Free tree. :P A Thank you for helping Ilikeseven out of yet another jam. :P And beside each tree was a wrapped gift.
  5. fenriz275

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Becka had found something in one of the kitchen drawers. Something she wished she had a long time ago. It was a large metal triangle with a chain on top and a metal rod hanging from another chain. It was a "Dinner bell" of sorts. The kind you hang outside to call everyone in for meals. She had hung it up on the overhang of the back porch and started to clang it. No one knew what this strange new sound was and came running to investigate. She stood there smiling. It was time for supper and everyone came in, even Kaitlyn and Able. They figured the aliens would be alright for a while alone and they'd bring them leftovers, whatever they might be. At the table everyone asked how the baby was doing. Kaitlyn and Able acted like they were the new parents and told everyone about the cute little things they were doing. Becka had scooped out a large portion of chicken pie for the aliens and set it in a bowl near the back door for them to take back out to the barn with them. And some apples and a wedge of cheese. Able and Kaitlyn were missing the family times they were so used to now. I mean their Human family. So they hung around in the kitchen for a while after the meal was over and helped clean up. "Well, I guess we'd better get back out to the barn and feed them, don't you think Able?" Kaitlyn asked. "Yep, let's go." He answered. They took the food and went out the back door. When to their shock and bordering on horror they saw something. During supper the female had expelled another 6 babies. They were all huddled together in the cage. :) So now there were 7 babies in 2 days. Able and Kaitlyn looked at each other Then at the babies. "Uh OH." Able said. "Looks like we may have a Tribble Problem here." :o They went running back into the house. "Aaron, Aaron, we need a bigger cage. The female just had 6 more babies and that cage is just too small. Can you make another one right away?" Kaitlyn asked him. Aaron and Abe and nik and Ilikeseven and everyone else followed them back to the barn to see the new arrivals. No one really believed it until they saw them. "OK, let's get busy guys, we need to build them a new cage Tonight." Aaron said. They all went to the workshop and started cutting wire and making a wood frame for it. Within 2 hours it was finished. A nice door with a latch and everything. And a wooden floor, not just chickenwire. They brought it in and Kaitlyn and Able took the babies out one by one. Kaitlyn put one of her blankets on it's floor to make a nice bed for them. The parents just ran in by themselves.
  6. Jeanway and Fenriz watched from their front windows as Jeanway's brothers, the police officers, threw Ilikeseven into the cruiser. :o They both ran outside and in front of the cruiser to see what was going on. Jeanway ordered her two brothers out of the cruiser to talk to her, they did as she asked. They told her what happened. Meanwhile Fenriz was standing beside the cruiser and looking at Ilikeseven in the backseat, crying and banging his head on the window. "Cut it out, Man, cut it out!" Fenriz mouthed to him from the outside. "She'll fix it, don't worry." He told him through the closed window. Ilikeseven seemed to understand and stopped crying and watched Jeanway talking to the officers. They walked back to the car, opened Ilikeseven's door and pulled him out. "Your free to go Sir, sorry for the misunderstanding Sir." The officer said as he uncuffed him. Ilikeseven took off down the street yelling "I'm Free!! I'm Free." And laughing.
  7. Ilikeseven merrily skipped around the pile of pilfered {stolen} trees he had appropriated from the town land behind his house. :o Cars droved by and he called to them hawking {selling} their qualties. When suddenly appeared a Town of Roddenberry Police Cruiser. :cops: "You got a Permit to sell those trees, Sir?" The officer asked. "A Permit?" Ilikeseven asked. I didn't know I needed one." The officers got out of the cruiser and asked him. "You buy theses trees from someone, sir? You got a Bill of Sale for these trees?" He asked Ilikeseven. "I got them from the woods behind my house officer." Ilikeseven answered. "You mean you cut down Town trees without permission?" The officer asked. Ilikeseven got all upset and confessed that he did. :busted: "Turn around Sir, your under arrest." The officer told him. :busted: Ilikeseven turned around and the officer cuffed him then threw him in the back of the cruiser, he is off to jail. :busted: :)
  8. fenriz275

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Today again was washday. The girls reluctantly followed their mother to the laundryroom. They wanted to stay in the barn with the aliens. Only Kaitlyn was excused because she seemed to have made a special bond with one of them, as was Able excused from farm chores. The two were alone in the barn with them. When suddenly Kaitlyn noticed one of the aliens acting a bit stange. It was huddled up in one corner of it's trap and it seemed to be vibrating. Then it let out a high pitched squeel and before their very eyes the little 'female' had expelled a small green ball onto the floor of the trap. "OOPs, we'll have to clean that up right away." Able said. "No telling what THAT"S gonna smell like we leave it in there." Kaitlyn agreed that if they ate they must also poop. Kaitlyn opened the door to the trap and with a gloved hand reached in to retrieve the wad. When all of a sudden, IT MOVED!! :) Kaitlyn pulled her hand out quickly and called to Able. "Able, this ain't poop, it's a baby." They both stood there watching as the female alien took it in her little arms and cuddled it. :( The tiny thing unfolded it body and began to reach for it's mother. Then it began to cry. It sounded just like a baby sheep. A little lamb. Kaitlyn and Able just sat there watching. The other alien in the other cage started making a commotion. It wanted to see the baby. It knew what happened. "You think that's the Daddy?" Able asked Kaitlyn. "Maybe? I mean they were together when we caught them weren't they. Able got up and dragged the other trap over and put one end up to the open end of the female's then opened the door. The male went right in with the new Mama and baby and he cuddled them both and seemed to be kissing the baby. :) Able and Kaitlyn were overwhelmed at what they were watching and they both got very emotional.
  9. fenriz275

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    "Let's put all this in a picnic basket and go out to the barn and feed the aliens." Kaitlyn suggested. Everyone was for that. This would be their, the aliens, second meal in the barn, and everyone elses too. The little noises they make while they eat is very endearing, a sort of sqeeky groan, and everyone wants to feed them. The aliens acclaimated themselves very quickly to all this attention and food. They seem to have favorites in the children, probably because they are smaller people and closer to their own size. Addie and Sabe seem to be the aliens favorite people. Them being the youngest. Mellie also has won their favour. When anyone else tries to feed them they do hang back a bit but when Addie, Mellie or Sabe do they try to crawl through the wire to get to them and snatch the food eagerly from their little fingers. The wood stove in the barn is kept religiously stoked now. Everyone wants to keep the creatures warm 24 hours a day. The boys eagerly volunteer to chop wood now. Not like before when Aaron had to get Abe to give them good reason to get out there and help.
  10. fenriz275

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    The rooster woke everyone just before dawn. It's incessant crowing and running around on top of everyone nearly got it killed. Ilikeseven went after it with an ax. Yelling obscenities in "Dutch". It annoyed even the aliens. They kept throwing their little green bodies up against the sides of the traps. Finally Bart shooed the rooster outside where it's crowing could be heard moving off in the distance. Then Bart stoked the woodstove in the barn and crawled back into his bed in the hay next to one of the aliens. Too late, everyone was awake. The elves sometime during the night decided they were going to keep extra special watch over the aliens and climbed on top of the traps to sleep. Which actually kept them warmer. The elves have a very high metabolism and exude body heat like a small furnace. No one was awake inside the house yet so the girls got up and went to the kitchen after visiting the outhouse. Abbie decided to cook up the couple dozen eggs she had just collected from the nests. Beth started the huge kettle for tea, then joined Callie who had started forming and cooking up sausage patties. For this crowd, they needed a least a hundred. Kaitlyn and Addie began slicing the loaves of bread and toasting them over two open burners on the stove on long forks.
  11. fenriz275

    ~~ EDEN ~~

    Aaron's snoring woke Lida up. Her bedroom was right next to his. She got up and went in and shook him awake. "WHAT?" He said. "Nothing, your snoring woke me up." She said. "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll try to not snore again." He said as he started to doze off again. Lida cleared her throat. "I'm going out to the barn. I want to check on everyone. You coming?" She asked. Aaron sat up and jumped off the bed. "OK, let's go" He said. Still fully clothed, he failed to get undressed to go to bed, he was so tired. They went out to the barn, carrying two lanterns. Aaron opened the door and went in, Lida followed. They saw Kaitlyn and Able sitting next to each other next to one of the traps, talking. "Sweet, isn't it?" Lida said to Aaron. Then Able wrapped his blanket around Kaitlyn. Everyone was asleep all around them. A lone lantern hung behind them and the sillouetts of the two children's shadows flickered on the wall. Lida and Aaron saw that everything was just fine and left the barn and quietly closed the door behind them.